Making the Christmas cake

The Kitchen staff at Forest Town School making the Christmas CakeĀ  – who are they? What year was it?

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  • This picture taken was circa 1952 , I think the lady in the centre is Mrs Cupitt.
    There may have been a connection to the then upcoming coronation of the Queen.
    Our teacher Miss Willoughby made investigating the origin of the ingredients of the cake a project for our class. Such things were not in plentiful supply at that time so we would not have been overly familiar with which part of the globe they came from.
    A final note was provided by a visit to the Co op bakery which was situated somewhere in the centre of town.
    As a treat some of the girls were allowed to do a bit of icing ( much to the annoyance of the boys).
    I remember the twins Christine and Carole Hand icing their names onto a piece of paper and showing us all afterwards.
    I believe those two ladies may have a photograph relating to this visit.

    By noel newbury (03/05/2021)

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