Saville House School

The photo is of a drawing of Sherwood Hall done by J Michael Hargrove a Texan Artist done for the Tweedie family that lived at Sherwood Hall in the 1940’s.

In the 1960’s it became Saville House School, a private day and boarding school which I am told, had previously been at Henley House (St Marks Church) Mansfield.  Oral history says there was also a connection with Sutton-in-Ashfield in the early days of the school. Major David Vaughan is understood to have been the Principal, also Mrs Floyd.

Researching the history of the school is just one part of the ‘Looking Forwards, by Looking Back’ project that Abbey School has just acquired a lottery grant for.

The project is focused on investigating the History of Sherwood Hall by working alongside local people and organisations such as the Forest Town Heritage Group.

We would be interested to hear of any information re Saville House School, or indeed the old Sherwood Hall. Please add comments below or contact me at  

Saville House School eventually moved to Mansfield Woodhouse.

Pauline Marples, Forest Town Heritage Group

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  • Yes I was at Saville House School in the early 1960’s as was my brother David and he still lives in our old family farm house near Bolsover. I have lived down in Gloucestershire for the last 40 yrs running a Stud Farm. Ian Adsetts (Happy Memories)

    By Ian Adsetts (19/12/2020)
  • My family are the Tweedies. My great-grandfather was Dr. Norman Claude Lancelot Basil Tweedie, called “Lance” in the family, and he married Lily McLaglen, the actor Victor McLaglen’s only sister. Their daughter was Marian Tweedie who married Paul Lucas (an American soldier) during WWII. My aunt was born in a Nottingham hospital (May 1944?), but my father was born at Sherwood Hall (Dec 1946).
    Marian and Paul later settled in Dallas, Texas, and my Uncle Victor Lucas was the man who commissioned this pen-and-ink drawing of the old Sherwood Hall for my grandmother. It was drawn from a photograph she had in her collection. We grandchildren all have a copy of the pen-and-ink drawing. Some were hand-colored by my grandfather Paul, who was a draftsman and artist all his life. I’d be happy to ask my father more about what he knows, when I visit him next week.

    By Emily Suggs (24/06/2019)
  • I was at Saville House School from about 1955-59 and believe it was in this building. My memory was of a very old house, with dark corridors, and the bay windows of the drawing definitely ring a bell. It was a private school in which you could go all the way from primary to A level, and had a smart red and grey uniform. I’m sure there must be photographs, I’d love to see them.

    By Judith Bingham (21/07/2017)

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