Saville House School

Saville House School was  housed for a number of years, in what had been the old Sherwood Hall before eventually moving to Mansfield Woodhouse in the 1960s. It was a private school and the Head Mistress seen on this photo was Mrs Doris Floyd. Known teachers were Mrs Iris Ram, Miss Gillian Charles, Miss Hardy and Barbara Smith.

The pupils on this photo are;

Top row – David Jefferies, Patricia Allen, Melanie Salter, Stephen Taylor, Ann Laughton, Robert Perry, Lorraine?, Bevery Robins, Peter Longson.

Middle row - John Grainger, Andrew Hewitt, Ann Lovesy,  Caroline ?, Dilys Chaplain, Susan Walker, Patricia Stokes, .?.

Front row – Angela Beard, Rosemary Beard, Geoffry Bennett, Mrs D W Floyd, .?. Carol Timmons, Louise Laughton.

Research into the school is part of the Abbey School & Forest Town Heritage Group ‘Looking Forwards by Looking Back’ project for which Abbey School has been awarded Lottery Funding. part of the project is to look at the history of the old Sherwood Hall, its occupants and uses. If anyone can tell us more about Saville House School, please add a comment below or email

Thanks go to Beverly Lock for this photo


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  • I am the current administrator/secretary at Saville House School and it’s lovely to hear all the great memories that you have of the school.
    We are having an open day on Thursday, 21st April 2022 from 4pm-6pm and it would be lovely to see you and other old pupils. Also, it would be fantastic if you could bring some photos of the school to show the children.

    By Nicole Wood (30/03/2022)
  • I attended Saville House at Woodhouse in the late 60s, think I was there for 3 years? – its along time ago! Left when 13 because of government changes to private schools, not allowed to stay on until leaving age,(went to Manor School from there).
    Staff I remember too were Captain Floyd- taught us gardening once per week, Mrs Graney, Mrs Smith, Mrs Hawker(French), Mrs Ridgeway(Maths?). Mrs Floyd organised summer holidays to Bracklesham Bay camp in Sussex.
    Regrettably have lost touch with school friends, we were a small group. Names I recall were Neil Longden, David Baird, Jackie Fanshaw, Jenny Mee, Stephen Kirk, Beverley Grice, John Brittain, Richard Marriott. Being a relatively small school it was a great atmosphere generally. Never really enjoyed any school as much as that one even the short time there – when you think back it was like a family environment in lots of ways.
    I think I read that Mrs Floyd retired to Wales not sure when this was.
    Hope this jogs someone’s memory who may have been there at that time.

    By Stephen Randall (03/05/2021)
  • I attended in the early 1970’s for a couple of years, moved to Canada not long after. I remember a classmate last name Salmon, his dad always had cool cars. Good memories.

    By Craig McGregor (28/04/2019)
  • Hi I’ve just come across this by chance, I also went to Saville House School in the early 70s



    Bill Salmon

    By Bill Salmon (12/05/2018)
  • When you went to Saville House School Bill was it in the Old Sherwood Hall or at Mansfield Woodhouse?

    By Pauline Marples (12/05/2018)
  • Mrs Doris Floyd and her husband Captain Floyd lived on the top floor of the school in its current location at Mansfield Woodhouse.  I was a pupil 1970 – 1976.  My Mum was school nurse, Margaret Watt.  Other teachers were Mrs Janet Calow, Mrs Avril Wilkinson, Mrs Grainey – gosh testing my memory here !.  Many fond memories of ballet lesson above the old stables, Ballroon dancing lessons over the road (that may have been Sherwood Hall if thats the one over the road from front entrence of Saville house )and when the Church next door got vandelised. We would get our bottles of milk delivered to the back gates every day and the milk monitors would distribute them to all students. I do know Mrs Grainey took over as Headmistress after Mrs Floyd retired.

    If I think of anything else I will let you know.

    Melanie McQuienn (nee Watt)


    By Melanie McQuienn (12/01/2017)

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