Broomhill School

Did you go to Broomhill school in the 1960’s? are you on these pictures from the museums Chad Negative collection?

No 1 Broomhill Junior School Concert 1963
CHAD 3018
No 2 Broomhill School Open Day 1963
CHAD 3121
No 3 Broomhill School Open Day 1963
CHAD 3122
No 4 Broomhill School Open Day 1963
Chad 3123
No 5 Broomhill School Open Day 1963
CHAD 3124
No 6 Broomhill School Harvest Festival 1963
CHAD 3994
No 7 Broomhill Infants School Open Day 1964
CHAD 7673
No 8 Broomhill Infants School Open Day 1964
CHAD 7672
No 9 Broomhill Infants School Open Day 1964
Chad 7674
No 10 Broomhill School Harvest Festival 1964
CHAD 8597
No 11 Broomhill School Festival/presentation September 1968
CHAD 28608 28

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  • Is picture number 1 (CHAD 3018) a production of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’? Crouching on the front is someone dressed as a rat. I think there had been a performance at Brackenhurst – an agricultural college in Notts. I left Broomhill in 1963, and my two younger brothers Alan and Charles also went there.

    By Costel Harnasz (15/02/2024)
  • Chad no 7673 I believe maybe me, at the front on the right, with the short blond hair and striped collar on my dress, which I believe was red. My name was Jane Conway. I have ok memories of my time there 61-67. I hated Miss Turner, I did nothing wrong but she had favourites and I wasn’t one of them.
    I represented the school at Berryhill sports in the high jump, alongside a boy I believe was called Michael Collins. We both did solos in the assembly choir too. I was in the school choir, we did competitions and did choral verse in competitions all under Mr Burton’s tutelage. I remember Mr Richards and his sticky spittal which I couldn’t seem to not look at whilst he was teaching, he was a nice teacher to me, a refreshing change from Miss Turner. I remember cornflake pudding (layer of pastry, layer of raspberry jam and cornflakes on top) and I remember the pink custard too. I have never eaten meat since that school as we were forced to eat all fat and gristle too which made me heave and put me off for life.
    I am sorry I don’t recall anyone who was there with me as friends, wish I could.

    By Jane Beasley (31/08/2021)
  • Meryl Harrison nee Edwards, having spotted herself, has then identified David Bacon – small lad back row white shirt. He’s confirmed as he has a copy of the photo

    By John Harrison (24/01/2021)
  • I think I’m front row, second from left, picture 11 – Meryl Edwards aged 6 – now Meryl Harrison

    By Meryl Harrison nee Edwards (23/01/2021)
  • I am in the picture number 11, second row up on the far left holding what I believe was a 10 shilling note. It was a prize for my collage of an Owl made from wood shavings.

    By Julie Gunn née Gibson (16/12/2018)
  • My sister is in the second row of photo no 10, third along, black  jumper with a white triangle under her face… Coral Denton


    By Carmela Denton (10/07/2017)
  • Pictures 7.8.and 9. Include Mr. and Mrs William Kaye….The Mayor and Mayoress of Mansfield 1964.

    By alan curtis (19/01/2014)

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