Brunts GS 1959-66

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Form 2H (1960-61)
Mr Hardy's form (possibly 3rd or 4th form, 1962-64ish)
HMS Pinafore, Mr RA Jarvis conducting.
Trial by Jury, with Mr 'Jim' Hardy taking a key part and Colin Bayliss as the judge.

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  • The photograph of form 2H contains several inaccuracies. It is actually form 2T (Ms Tinsley) but with Mr (Jack) Firth deputising. I can definitely identify: Back row, position 5, Geoffrey Smith, 6, John Smith, 7, Richard Marriott, 8, Richard Goodall. Middle row, 3, Keith Crofts, 8, Stanley Adkin, 10, myself (David Foster). Front row, 5, Mr Firth, 6, Freda Jarvis. It was taken in the academic year 1956/7.I can still name most of the class members.

    By David Foster (09/02/2024)
  • Top photograph: middle row is Geoff Littlewood and 4th middle row is Nigel Lightfoot. Perhaps only 2nd or 3rd formers then. Allowed to wear school colours of gold braid round blazer to show sport prowess.

    By ANNE ASHLEY (28/01/2023)

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