Carter Lane Infants School

In the playground  between the school and the canteen we played on the “apparatus” as I remember it being called  during PE lesson. I remember only three names (including my own!) and perhaps others can be added. I am the blond lowest on the ropes, never had a head for heights, above me and highest is Ian Keeton, and at his side Peter Chadwick.

When the weather was bad we had PE inside the hall, and on one occasion while on the high bar ( probably about 4 foot off the ground) I got stuck, let go and broke my tibia. I screamed all the way to the hospital . I sported a full pot for about 6 weeks, being pushed around in a big pram, and on removal of the pot I had to learn to walk again. No surprise about the No Head for Heights then!

The photo also reminds me that in the same spot in the playground we would have percussion sessions with Tambourines and  Triangles.

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  • Is that Tony who used to work for Straven?

    By Tracey Key (11/10/2023)
  • Hello, I have a photo almost exactly the same, only with me at the bottom (I was scared of heights).
    My name is Jean Widdowson and I was there in 1952 for about 3 years. My two older brothers, Michael and Rodney also went to Carter Lane.

    By Miss Jean Widdowson (30/06/2020)
  • The lad on the top left of the image is Malc Tayor, I am the boy just below him in the white shirt

    By Geoff Skidmore (01/05/2016)
  • The two girls on the bottom right are maybe June Wright and Susan Eames, I think Susan lived on Methuen Avenue

    By Geoff Skidmore (01/05/2016)
  • Hello My Mother was a Midwife in Mansfield from 1947-1952 we lived on Gordon Avenue.We moved to Canada in 1952.My cousins went to Carter Lane School. Jennifer and Veronica Beal. Does anyone remember any of us?

    By Kathleen Gooch Macdonald (14/05/2015)

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