Ravensdale School.

Ravensdale School.
There was a plaque in the hall commemorating the opening of Ravensdale School in 1934…The school was opened in that year by the Mayor of Mansfield . Mayor German Abbott, who lived on Carter Lane, about three doors away from Carter Lane School.Teachers who taught at Ravensdale School in the 1940’s and 1950’s were:    

Mr Ely, the Headmaster, who I believe taught at Rosemary School prior to his move to Ravensdale.

Miss Wright, Miss Boole, Miss Sharpe, Miss Robinson, Mrs Stubbs, Miss Smith, Mr. Tucker, Mr. Price, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Boot, Mr Hatfield, Miss Rice, Mr Davies, Mrs Morton and Miss Weddle who went to High Oakham Girls School as Headmistress .

There was also Mr Dallison and Miss Kerry.

Ravensdale was a fine school, It produced many fine pupils who were extremely good at sports.


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  • I attended Ravensdale from 1964 until 1969. Mr Webster was the headmaster and Mr Martin the geography teacher and deputy head when I started in 64. As has already been mentioned Mr Tuchler took over from Mr Webster in around 66.

    Mr Attfield was the maths teacher who left in 65 and was replaced by Mr Hammond who had incredibly hairy hands. I recall the late Kevin Worthy who splattered his maths work with water, ringed it and wrote “Sweat” Mr Hammond returned his paper with more spots which he ringed and wrote “Tears”

    It was also Kevin Worthy who after being shown how to solve a problem by Mr Hammond said “I wish I had your brains sir” Mr Hammond replied “You wouldn’t know how to use them Worthy”

    Just a few minor corrections: The sports teacher, some refer to as Mr Dyson, was in fact Mr Dighton and I believe that was the correct spelling. He was known as Juggy Dighton owing to prominent jaw bone he broke playing rugby. Mr Dighton married Miss Brooks the biology teacher not Miss Causer. She was a history teacher. A smallish, attractive blonde who one one occasion when I had shuffled into her class and before I had sat down yelled “Get out Simon Winstanley” I never knew what I had done.

    By Simon Winstanley (21/11/2023)
  • I went to this School and it was the best years of my life. I often think about the teachers, Mr Moseby especially. Does anyone know if any of the teachers are still with us? I have looked on facebook but don’t know their full names. Can anyone help please?

    By Diane Martin nee Rollings (28/03/2023)
  • My twin brother and myself went to Ravo till 1964. We were in Miss Rice’s class, form 1. Mr Tuchler was Head Master, I absolutely loved it. I wish I was back there, my favourite lessons were music, and cookery with Mrs Morton (I think), ooohhhh happy days

    By Denise Bloxham (24/10/2022)
  • I just had to mention teachers Mr Foden and Mr Fareham, not forgetting Miss Paxman. Apologies if I mentioned Miss P earlier. All three were there when I left in late ’58 ish.

    By Steeve Cee (28/07/2022)
  • Have been on this before there at Ravensdale 1959- 1963 happy days, some school class Lynn Benson Eileen Nelson Chris Wright Stuart Key John Bland Malcolm Coomber, Ann Spavold, lots more as well Mr Simpson music teacher played at my wedding 1967, St Lawrence’s, Church Mansfield, big respect for Miss rice (Mrs Clark) Mr Martin deputy head, Mr Hatfield scared me, anyway have two school photos of class A2 and school choir when we won the shield Mr Simpson was proud well we all were

    By Denise Hurst (25/07/2022)
  • Does anyone remember Mrs Dyson Biology Teacher? She married the PE teacher as I recall.

    By Jean Tryner (nee Bailey) (10/04/2022)
  • Hi Tracey and Malcolm, l have just come across this forum page, about ‘Ravo’. I remember my first day very well, as only Philip Brooks and myself, were wearing shorts! In addition to Philip, I remember Brian Spadman and Mick Hunt. Also, Lynn Benson, Christine Turner and Vivienne Faulks.
    Also, I along with I think Stuart Key and others in the evenings would meet up on a old wooden bench on Sandy Lane, meeting Lynn and Christine, plus others. Wonder what became of my class mates.
    John Bradbury came to my wedding and with his wife, we drove to Spain for a holiday. I do have a photo of the school choir, in the Civic Theatre.
    Mr. Brooks was the boys PE teacher. Who was the girls PE teacher? I had a crush on her!

    By John Blant (21/01/2022)
  • I remember Stuart very well Tracey. He was in my class along with Brian Placket and Philip Allsop to name a couple. If I remember rightly Stuart had blonde curly hair back then. Ahh what memories.

    By Malcolm Coomber (25/08/2021)
  • Both my husband and I went to Ravensdale years apart! We met at work some years later. Stuart Key and Tracey Spalding. I was present when Mr Tuchler was head and the teachers mentioned – I would have started in 1974 and stayed until we went comprehensive when I was 13. Absolutely loved Ravensdale – what a school! X

    By Tracey Key (25/08/2021)
  • Went to good old ” Ravo ” from 1959 to 1963. Best years of my life up to then. I too remember “Daddy ” Hatfield having his heart attack and myself and friend Ian Taylor going to see him at his home on West Hill Drive. Played in goal for the school football team…don’t think we won any trophies though. Had some really good friends..John Blant, John Bradbury, Derick Brown, David Spencer and Ian Taylor to name a few I can remember.
    Some very special memories made there which includes seeing my future wife who I didn’t know at that time would be (Sandra nee Arthrell) she was in the year higher than me and we are still together after all these years.

    By Malcolm Coomber (19/03/2021)
  • School song:
    Don’t know the title but went;
    Travel travel the pilgrim way,
    Travel by night travel by day,
    Who goes there on the pilgrim way a goodly

    By Jean Tryner nee Bailey (03/03/2021)
  • I was at Ravensdale same time as Simon Lievers. Many happy memories, I was Maria Fisher back then…

    By Maria Gibson (30/05/2020)
  • I was in the same class as David Kendrick we were mates, lived a few doors away, I got on well with his dad Jack. Are you still out there Dave? Contact me Rob Spedding.

    By Robert spedding (29/07/2019)
  • I went to Ravensdale between 1960 to 1964. Daddy Attfield was our maths teacher then. In my final year leading up to the new CSE exam, Mr Attfield had a heart attack and was confined to bed at home. Not wanting to let us down he arranged with Mr Tuchler to let us walk down to his house, which was on West Hill Avenue (I think) not far from the original Mansfield Hospital. We were greeted at the door by his sister and escorted into his bedroom where he was propped up in bed wearing a night cap with a long pointed top which hung down the side of his face with a pompom on the end. He looked bit like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. We sat on chairs arranged around his bed while he conducted his maths lesson. Such was the commitment shown by the teachers then. And I think it showed in the results we obtained. Daddy greeted me when the results came out and placing a hand on my shoulder he confirmed I’d got a Grade 1. Miss Rice was the Religious teacher, Mr Swanwick the Art teacher, Mr Carter was the Science teacher (but I didn’t like him much…quick to make you look stupid if you asked a daft question). Mr Price stayed on after school to run a French Class which was just for our benefit; nothing to do with exams. Mr Foden ran the English class. He would make us all laugh with his stories of his days camping in France when he was young. Mr Simpson was the Music teacher, and it was him who led the choir to win the best choir competition in Mansfield held in the old Civic Theatre. I still have the photograph of the choir taken on the grass in the quadrangle. It was in the middle of the quadrangle where you were made to stand if you were caught by a prefect doing something wrong. And you had to stand there while all the other pupils lined up outside their classrooms all around you. A bit embarrassing to say the least. After that you were made to march and wait outside the head master’s office until it was your turn to feel the ruler across the palm of your hand. I made it to be Head Prefect in my final year; a position which meant I had to wear a gold tassel stitched on the top of my school hat. I think I was a fair prefect; preferring to have a word with a younger pupil instead of making him suffer the embarrassment of having to stand in the quadrangle. Happy happy days. The best school. And by that I mean the best teachers, too. I’ll never forget it, or them.

    By David Hawley (03/04/2019)
  • I too went to this school 1976 to 79. I loved it here. It was my favourite school and the only school where I can also remember and name most of the teachers. I can’t recall one from my final school. I especially remember staying on for badminton club. I recall how Mr Moseby carried me home when I sprained my ankle jumping down the steps on the playground. I also have very fond memories of Miss wilson and Mr Radford both of whom had a positive influence on my life. I was sorry to read that this school no longer exists. 

    By Gail Carroll (10/10/2017)
  • Good old ravo wasnt there long 1960/61. Miss Clark (Nellie Rice) taught me, Mr Martin, dep head,  Carter, science, Brooks pe. Daddy Attfield maths , the head was Victor , cant remember his surname.

    By Michael sims (01/10/2017)
  • I attended here 1963/67 remember daddy Hatfield (maths) dinky Dyon (pe) Nellie Clark,(RE) she was my form teacher,she must have been close to retirement Mr Bates (metalwork) with his large rubber slipper,Mr Martin (Deputy head) high pitched voice,sounded like a woman..Mr Dyton (PE) Miss causer,his girlfriend..Dam good school though..very fond memories…..

    By keith buttery (28/09/2017)
  • Attended ’56 to ’58, left at 15 years of age – Headmaster Mr Spolton, maths teacher Mr Fareham, I knew two Mr Tuckers (father and son), both teachers. I believe Miss Paxman was the Biology teacher. Not a bad school, I was at St. Johns prior to that..Both decent schools and good teachers in general. Had a paper round in those days in Ravensdale area, came close to being late for school a couple of times due being a little behind with the paper deliveries! All that for two bob a week or thereabouts..

    Rgds Steeve

    By Steeve Cee. (09/09/2017)
  • We had groups 

    Arkwright, Portland 

    Baron and Trent 

    Anyone know our school motto or song? 

    By Veronica SheffieldI (22/07/2017)
  • I attended Ravensdale from 1968 to 1972. Many happy memories of Mrs Revill cookery teacher. I still have my old school recipe book which I still use today. Miss Wilson, Mr Huffen I will remember you all with fond affection. Happy days.

    By josie price nee moss (27/08/2016)
  • I went to Ravensdale school   and so did my husband David Kendrick. I would like to know if anyone has any class photos that they could share with us.

    By Karen Kendrick was Clarke (29/03/2015)
  • I too was in Byron house with the famous Mr Hammond a great teacher and a man I will always remember he was fair but firm and woe betide you if you got on the wrong side of him (I know to my cost re big berther and prudence) he was a navigator on a sunderland flying boat in the war and he used to talk for ages to anyone who wanted to stop after class to listen. I was late for my tea many times as was the rest of the class. He was forever getting on the wrong side of Fritz (sorry Mr Tuchler) for nipping for a pint at the Ravensdale hotel at lunchtime, Happy Days and very much missed

    By mike wilson (08/01/2014)
  • I went to Ravensdale 1951 to 1953 before going to the art school. Teachers all seemed to have nicknames - Prigger Price -Daddy Hatfield but he always seemed to stick a book in my hand to read to the class! Was he history? Sid Sadler metalwork Was it Reins woodwork in the prefabs? Daniels P.T. and science, his white slipper liked me! He used to hang me from the wall bars as punishment I enjoyed it. Never had Sally Smith but heard she was a bit strict, Miss Rice I knew her. She lived above us in Oak Tree Lane and taught our Jack ten years before. My two pals Jack and Mick ended up in Shane Fentons group, they were in my class. At least Jack was, Mick maybe younger. Happy days nice to read the memories. D.W.P.

    By D.W.P. (08/08/2013)
  • Thanks Simon Leivers for remembering the teachers names. I am also an ex pupil of the school & had many a fine time with good friends. I remember a lot of times I spent in the quadrangle, sewing!! Happy days. Once I saw them, it all came flooding back. A strict head was the best deterrent, we don’t seem to “do” it like that any more, soft Britain eh? If only we did, maybe the teens of today would behave differently? Thanks Simon, your memory is finer than mine!!

    By Catherine (22/02/2013)
  • I too attended Ravensdale School and you are correct in saying that it was a tight run ship the teachers were firm but they stood no nonsense. The time I spent there was quite a good one, all the teachers I remember and I still see MissWilson at times. My brother also attended some years before me then his daughter and then my daughter. Do you remember Mrs Clark she was only small but she was mighty. She had been headmistress for a number of years till she retired. Mr Hammond was a good bloke he used to have a rubber like sole from a shoe he used to call it prudence you had to watch out for that and the blackboard rubber, many a time I’ve seen that flying accross the room. Joking aside they taught us well, I like to think that it gave us values and made us good people and schools today need some of the old style of teaching. 1971 to 1977

    By mandy warren (nee beresford) (18/07/2012)
  • I too attended Ravensdale school between 1976 and 79 as did my mum before me. It was a fine school and was a no-nonsense school strictly ran by the head master at that time Mr Tuchler.

    Mr Hans Georg Tuchler was born in 1916 Austria and fled the Nazis to come to England. He became the head master of Ravensdale and was awarded an OBE. He was only a small man but ran an extremely “tight ship” and anyone who dared to step out of line would have to wait outside his office and await his wrath. His deputy head was a giant of a man named Mr Squires and he too was equally as strict as Mr Tuchler. Infact most of the teachers there had full backing of the head master to be firm. Saying all this, it was one of the best schools I attended and if only all were ran like this today, we would have a more respectful society.

    The school had a large hall where everyone was made to listen, be quiet and behave before singing hymns and prayers every morning in assembly. Adjacent to the hall was the quadrangle, a lawned area surrounded by the main class rooms. There were concrete prefabs too where the craft and cookery classes were based. Mr Simpson was the music teacher, Mr Carter science, Mr Moseby biology, Mrs Baker art, Mrs Beelby cookery, Mr Ryan woodwork, Mr Basford maths, Mrs Lunnon and Mrs Ball english, Mrs Walker french, Mr Castle history and Mr Cooper the PE teacher. I enjoyed my time there and in particular enjoyed anything to do with craft of art work. The school dinners were excellent too. Mr Tuchler died in 2001 and I’m sure will be remembered by many as a fair but firm man who did his best always. Despite feeling his cane more than once , I still have top respect for him and it did me no harm.

    By Simon Leivers (22/06/2012)

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