Broomhill Junior School.

This is my class at Broomhill Juniors circa 1956. I think it was class 2A2, does anyone recognise themselves? I don’t recall who the lady teacher on the left is but the male teacher on the right is Mr.J.Burton the headmaster.He was firm but fair and the things I learned in his and his staff’s charge have been a great asset to me all my life. In the 56 or 57years since this photograph was  taken I’ve forgotten a lot of my classmates names so I’ll name the ones I remember and use a ? for the ones I don’t. I hope someone can fill in the gaps. How many are still with us? Sadly one isn’t he lost his life in a road accident in his teens.


Back row

Philip Vernon, Denis Salmon, ?,?,?,?.

Next row down

Royce Ball, Me, ?,?,?,?, Jonn Cox, Jonn Huckerby, ?,?,?.

Next row down

?, John Caulton, ?, Clifford Ince, ?, Peter Gilbert, Yvonne Parsons,

John Horsefield, ?,?,?,?.

Next row down

Denis Wharmby, ?,?,?, David Carvellin, ?,?,?, Rudolph Davis, ?,

Michael Wrigley, ?,?.

Sitting cross legged,  ?,?.




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  • I went to Broomhill First School when Miss Hatton was the head teacher and I have so many happy memories from this time.
    The teachers I remember are Mr and Mrs Lake, Mrs Forester, Mrs Blockley, Mr Rogerson and Mrs Beard. I remember learning country dancing and also watching a TV show called – The Boy from Outer Space. I used to be petrified of it but I’ve always been a wimp! I remember that they also used to run a summer school for the first two weeks of the summer holiday, which I used to attend with my younger sister and brother. Happy days.

    By Kerry Berry now, nee Dillon (13/08/2022)
  • Have just seen this site and it’s brought many memories flooding back. I was there from 1964 to 1970. I remember Miss Marsden in Year 1, I think, whose mini skirts were very short. Mr Ellam, who whacked me with a plimsoll in front of the whole class, and he was pretty handy with the board rubber, too, throwing it at misbehaving children, but he was a good teacher. Working hard to ingratiate myself with the teacher in Year 4 and 5 so I could be a milk monitor and pour my warm summer milk down the grate.
    Some of my class mates were Karen Beale, Barry Baker, Geoffrey Briggs, who had an operation on his nose and came to school with cotton wool wadding sticking out of both nostrils which he pulled out to show us, and Eddie Taggart.
    Our sport uniforms were, for the girls anyway, baggy dark green knickers and lighter green collared tee shirts, so we were in Robin Hood colours. We all got changed together for PE, girls on one side, boys on the other, all facing towards the wall and not allowed to turn round until the teacher gave permission. There was a set of monkey bars in the playground with old tarmac underneath so you had to be pretty good on them to avoid falls, would never be allowed now. Miss Dawson was still the infant school headmistress and Mr Burton in the juniors.
    I remember these as happy times.

    By Ann Heafield (01/04/2022)
  • I remember at least three of you – Peter Bowler, John Caulton and Royce Ball. You were all a year older than me so I wasn’t in this photograph, but did follow you all to Broomhill before moving after a couple of years to the Orlits, then into Bull Farm School

    By Alan Rowland (20/02/2022)
  • I have just discovered this page, wow some memories came flooding back.
    I started in the Broomhill infants in 64/65 with Mrs Dawson as head.
    I remember one year a lot of kids wore golden yellow jumpers and Mrs Dawson took exception and made all stand in the hall at break time.
    Also gloves and wellies stuck near the big radiators drying, and the steam coming off them, went home in the wrong wellies once.
    I cannot remember many of my infant teachers but do remember the long slides from the out door and freezing toilets.
    I also went up to the juniors with Mr Burton who was a bit cane happy.
    Being forced to say poetry to see if you were good enough for the town hall show, scary stuff.
    I was at school with Julia Rasen, Susan Lovebrick, Kevin Sharman, Gerald and Robert Sills, Timothy Place. I left in 1970 to go to the nearby secondary school.
    Not sure about the spellings, had a stroke a couple of years ago, mind a little clouded now.

    By Tim Conway (27/08/2021)
  • Peter Bowler, could any of the children in this photo be eight years old? My brother Colin went to Broomhill Juniors from about 1955 till 1959. He moved up to Mansfield from the outskirts of London in 1955.

    By John McLoughlin (22/07/2021)
  • Hello, I was there from about 68-71. I do remember headmaster, Mr Burton. He was very stern and precise, he enjoyed poetry, a good headmaster. I remember Miss Packer (not sure if she was THE Packer in athletics?).  I recall Richard Ball ( good man/boy at the time) John Harrison and tough big lad with a good heart and head, On my way to school I dared myself to walk up Bold street or Brownlow road.  Bold street  murder axe attack or maybe more unsavory Brownlow. It had a reputation of very physical and hard people who didn’t like outsiders. Catrina O’rouke lived there and a great pupil. There are many people I cannot remember at this time. I had a good time at the sports field down the hill. One girl was always faster on sprints!!! The visit to Blue John Mines in the Peak district was a good day out/change and informative. No regrets. John.

    By John hill (27/12/2017)
  • I went to broomhill from 1972 until 1977 it was a great school such a shame it is no longer there. 

    By Shaun Scully (21/12/2017)
  • In the front row seated, from left to right, fourth child in, is my stepsister, Rosemary A. Knight.

    By Phyllis (17/02/2016)
  • Hi, I’m on the front row.  I can name quite a few of the faces on this photo.

    Front row left to right Dennis Wharmby, Glennis Baggely, Alan Turner, Brenda Clapperton, Melvin Gunn, Jean Evans, ?,Marylyn Johnson (me), Rudolph Davis, Christine Dennison, ?, Sheila Clipstone, Alan Kitchen

    2nd Row Jane Wainman, John Coulton, Dorothy Brownlow, Clifford Ince, ?, Peter Gilbert, Yvonne Parsons, ?, Paul Foster, Catherine Thompson, Sandra Chadburn, Head Mr Burton

    3rd Row Mrs Baggaley, Royce Ball, Peter Bowler, ?, ?, Keith Williams, ?, John Cox, Peter?Huckerby, ?, ?, ?

    Back Row ?, ?, Jean Walton, Marilyn Starky, Camille Gibson, ?

    Hope this helps

    By Marylyn Brown (was Johnson) (19/10/2015)
  • Lovely to see this page On Broomhill Junior School. I moved to Thorn Ave, Mansfield- I suppose in the summer of 56.  I walked along Chesterfield Rd and up Bould St and went back home for dinner.  I remember Mrs Baggaley and went to Grammar School with her daughter who had very blond hair.  Mr Burton was a lovely man who I pestered with extravagent plans of after school clubs.  I remember a boy called Seymour whose sister was a friend of my elder sister and “knitting pods for the Seymours’ baby” has become the standard comment for ineptitude in any creative activity.  Tony Ball, Janet Macfarlen? …and Janet Brown are other names I remember. I used to walk back with a girl who lived at the bottom of Bould St. Mr Richards took my last year there.  I taught at High Oakham for a while in 1968 but haven’t been back for a long while.


    By Lynne nee Barnes (09/09/2015)
  • Hello Martin, I moved from Mount Street about 1956 with my parents to Ladybrook. My house number was 72, Philip Lawson was my next door playmate, I don’t recall any Binghams. The only girl of my age I remember was Brenda Jones from No.62. I now live in Australia and am in touch here with John Emberson [Howard Road] and Colin Crowder [Kipling street]. Best wishes to all, keep the memories coming. Keith Blythe

    By Keith Blythe (20/07/2015)
  • Oh happy days, I went to this lovely school with my 2 sisters (Julie and Fiona). I too was upset to learn it had been knocked down. I was in the same year as Graham Shead and remember the others  well too. Yes the headteachers were scary and we often laugh about our reading test with Mr Burton. I loved Mr Crawford the last head teacher and Mr Kirby with his sing-a-longs with his guitar to Swing Low Sweet Chariot !!

    By Helen(Baguley) Pike (27/06/2015)
  • Keith Blythe, I see you lived at the top of Mount Street so presumably walked past the allotments to get to Broomhill. Did you live near the Binghams, I was friendly with their son John who also had a sister, Carol. Trevor Randall, how fortunate for the rabbit to come into your care from Mr Kingston, whom  I remember with no fondness at all. I’m pleased to see that Mr Hammond got a headship, he deserved it.  

    By Martin Gorner (19/06/2015)
  • I started at Broomhill infants in 1949. Miss Dawson was headmistress. Class 1 was taught by Mrs Wetton and her son, John, was in the same year as me. Other teachers were Miss Stringer and Miss (or was it Mrs) Clarke. The Junior school headmaster was Mr Burton. He had a son with whom I was at Brunts with later on. I got on well with Mr Kingston who gave me a white rabbit for becoming (just that once in my academic life!) top of the class. My father had to build me a rabbit hutch! Mr Hammond was a favourite teacher and later went as headmaster to Torworth School near Retford. I was caned by Mr Burton once for climbing out of a window into Arundel Drive. Our favourite playground game was “Ups and Downs” which I later learned was known as British Bulldog. It involved running between two lines, one at each end of the playground. If you were caught by one the group in between, you became a catcher. Class mates included Stewart Waterfall, Clive Jakeman, Philip Proffit, Roger Tagg, Rita Slack, Judith Cook, Eileen Keyte. I have photos somewhere which I will post later. 

    By Trevor Randall (18/06/2015)
  • I don’t recognize any any of the names Graham but then I left Broomhill Juniors in 1958 but I certainly remember making those long slides, the slope on the playground was ideal for that.

    By Peter Bowler (11/02/2015)
  • Not sure how I came across this site, but vivid memories of Broomhill…Miss Dawson and her cane…did you choose the white or the black end? Miss Starbuck in the infants. Mr Ellam in the juniors, with his pipe, and Mr Richards, with the tiny bit of spittle at the corner of his mouth. Boys and girls in the class. Paula Fearon, Elaine Hill, Janice Turner, Denise Bircumshaw, Karen Green, Rachel Strauther, Chris Straw, Neil Wheat, Mark Swallow, Peter Townsend, Shawn Holden, Andy Shuttleworth…and the ice slides we’d make in the winter, and chilblains. Happy days 1968-74

    By Graham Shead (07/02/2015)
  • Hello everyone, wow these teachers were around for a long time I remember many of the names especially Miss Cooke who took great joy in comparing me very  unfavourably with my mother who she also taught. My years were 1944-1950. Is there any one who was there at the same time? Regards, Keith Blythe [lived top end Mount Street]

    By Keith Blythe (06/02/2015)
  • I went here also in 1990s. I loved this school. They took us to Roseberry House one year and to Brackenhurst Camp another. I remember the rust coloured carpet sliding into assembly on your knees carpet burns lol the wooden floors ! The sign they made you wear if you kicked someone ( I am a donkey I kick) I was the only one who still hung around with Leigh that day, poor kid wouldn’t be allowed would it!’ The long walk to Mrs Hatton’s office up the spiral stairs  for the yearly hearing test. I remember Mrs Lake making two boys wash their mouths out with soap after sucking ink through a straw instead of blowing it on paper, all those fab presentations given by the ‘man who got burnt’ and watching the video of th kid in a tracksuit playing with fire . Not to mention the don’t go on a railway video. All the nice teachers Mrs Lake , Mrs Robinson the dinner lady , Mrs  Kirby on a good day , the evil guinea  pig in her  class hot cross buns at Easter the fantastic felt food and the smell of paint , the  list is endless.  

    By tina smith (26/12/2014)
  • I used to attend this school in 1967 my name then was dianne Hogg I lived next door to the post office on Chesterfield road I couldon’t believe this school has gone teachers were scary I used to be friends with Mandy Barber 

    By Dianne Strang (06/12/2014)
  • I was gutted when I found out it was now a (very cramped) housing development.  I drove up there in 2005 to show my new partner where my old school was and was in tears. such a lovely old building gone.  Nice to see some of the old walls left behind though.  My years were 1970-77, I remember scary Miss Dawson, even scarier Mr Burton and those bizarre reading tests, but also the lovely Miss Porter (later Mrs Lake), Mr Lake, Mr Ashton, Mr Kirby, Miss Cora, Mr Richards and Mr Ilam (both of whom must have been ex-servicemen like Mr Burton??).  Also remember a lot of names like Andrew Starkey, Paul Bradbury, Mark Sills, and Robert Crabtree, who has just made contact with me (after 40+yrs) on Facebook – small world really.  Still in touch with the little girl I met on our first day at school, we have remained friends since 1970, as well as few others who have not quite left my life. Happy Days

    By Sarah (nee Perrett) Roberts (30/07/2014)
  • Hello Sara, glad to hear you enjoyed Broomhill school, I have a lot of happy memories from when I was there, I left in 1958. My mother who was born in 1908 went to Broomhill she must have started there in 1913 or 1914, She lived in Linden Street as a child so she must have walked up Albion Street and across the path at the top onto Broomhill Lane. I remember her telling me she and her school friends avoided the Brownlow Road route to school, she said (her words) there were a lot of rough kids lived there.

    By P.Bowler (14/01/2014)
  • We will be adding more photographs in the near future, keep looking! Editors

    By Editors (13/01/2014)
  • Oh my…What wonderful memories I have of this fabulous little school. I went there in the 80’s when Mrs Hatton was head teacher. I remember teachers such as Mr & Mrs Lake, Mrs James, Mrs Kirby, Mrs Kora etc. It’s extremely sad that there’s not many pictures, info etc on the internet of this beautiful, memorable school & such a massive shame it was demolished, It should never of been allowed in my opinion, it was part of Mansfield’s history. In fact my Grandparents went there in the early 1900’s & my parents, Aunties & Uncle’s etc went there throughout the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. Thanks for sharing & bringing lovely memories back.

    By Sarah Jackson (Bagley) (12/01/2014)
  • This was my first school, albeit not too long ago (approx. 1991–1996). Of course it closed down several years afterwards, and I was slightly dismayed to find that not only has the entire site of the school been demolished and replaced with houses but also there are virtually no photos of the building to be found.

    By Ryan (08/01/2014)
  • I too attended Broomhill School (1952 – 56) and remember some of the teachers mentioned, especially Mrs Baggeley. My memories were not happy ones. I eventually became a teacher, in part to treat children in a better way than the way in which I was treated at this school.

    By Christine Haines (Elliott) (21/09/2013)
  • Hello Peter, yes I lived on Burns St. and I seem to think you lived on Ladybrook Lane just round the corner from me and you’re right Mansfield has changed and not for the better but I haven’t lived there since 1973 I now live in a small village about 10 miles south of Mansfield. The only time I get to Mansfield is when I’m out cycling.

    By Peter Bowler (31/08/2013)
  • Hi everyone, I moved from Rosemary school to Broomhill in 1953. Mrs Baggally did the same move and she and Mr Burton are the only two teachers I remember. I’m not in the photo cos it must have been taken in 1952. My good friend was Dave Morris, and Mick Gilbert still owes me three pence. I used to fancy Margaret Frowe, but it wasn’t reciprocated. I remember you Peter. I think you lived up Burns St and you and I were aero modellers ??? I haven’t lived in Mansfield for 50 years. I guess it’s changed and maybe not for the better. Good luck to you all. Pete Revill

    By Peter Revill (25/08/2013)
  • Hello John, I remember most of the teachers but only one of the pupils you mentioned and that’s Denis Wharmby, we were friends, he had a younger brother Robert, they lived on Howard Road. Stuart Wrigley could be the younger brother of Michael Wrigley who is in the photo but I didn’t know him. It would be nice to hear from anyone in the photo.

    By Peter Bowler (18/07/2013)
  • I have enjoyed looking at the above picture & reading the comments of former pupils, I started at Broomhill infants in September 1956. Miss Dawson was the Head Teacher & I remember being in Miss Clark’s class, sadly after so long my memory is vague about who taught where & the same goes for the pupils that I remember. Here is a list of staff & pupils that I remember from 1956-58 including Infants & Juniors. Staff: Miss Dawson, Miss Clark, Mrs Stringer, Miss Fitchet, Miss Pugh, Mrs Glasby, Mr Goff, Mr Ellam & Mr Burton. Pupils: Stephen Barefoot, Susan Marriott, Gillian White, Susan Robinson, Linda Dowdore, John Shaw, Leslie Shaw, Stuart Wrigley, Ronald Woss, Malcolm Redfern, Denis Wharmby Janice Gordon & Susan Marsh.

    By John Macwillson (09/07/2013)
  • Hello again Martin, I was never in Miss Pughs class her class room when I was there was facing the steps that came up into the hall from the first and second year classrooms, just after the headmasters office.

    By Peter Bowler. (18/05/2013)
  • Thanks Peter, I now remember Miss Pugh but cannnot remember which class she had. Other than seeing her and others like Mrs Bailey (I think), I was not taught by her. Mr Chambers used to take PT and sports but also was not one of my teachers.

    By Martin Gorner (14/05/2013)
  • Hello Martin, looks like I started Broomhill Juniors the same year you left I didn’t go to the infants I went to Rosemary Infants because it was nearer to where I lived but I think that closed a couple of years later because when I went to Rosemary Seniors the infants had closed. Of the teachers you mentioned at Broomhill Junior I can only recall Mr.Burton who was the headmaster when I was there, very strict but very fair, the impression he had on me has stood me in good stead all my life. I also remember Mr.Hamond who taught 4A1 whilst I was there. Then there was Mrs.Baggerley, Mr.Goff, Miss Pugh, she was old when I started, and Mr.Ellam. I don’t recall any of the other teachers names after all I left Broomhill 55 years ago.

    By Peter Bowler. (12/05/2013)
  • I started at Broomhill School in February 1950 as a new resident of the council estate at the junction of Westfield Lane/Abbott Road. I was in the infants until the summer break and Miss Clarke was my teacher, I seem to remember Miss Dawson as the Headmistress. In the September I went up to Mr Burton’s junior school and Class 1A1 with Mrs Shepherd as teacher. 1951 saw me “promoted” to 3A1 with Miss Phyllis Cooke, an outwardly stern but a wonderful, caring teacher. In 1952 I went up to 4A1 with Mr Hammond and then in 1953, the rest of my age caught up with me when I did a second year in 4A1, this time with Miss Cooke. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Broomhill, well, most of it. The exception being Mr Kingston who I had to endure for Handicrafts for one year. The least said the better there. I left in July 1954 preparatory to secondary school in September.

    By Martin Gorner (08/05/2013)
  • Hello Jayne, how lovely to hear from you. I have a copy of the photo you posted on FR, no I’m not on it but I do remember some of the faces; Paul Anderton, Mark Cills, Andrew Starkey. I am in touch with Adrian Hanstock occasionally, who now lives in London. I take it Mr Crawford is still with us? I seem to remember that he ventured into politics as a Conservitive councillor? Fond memories, John.

    By John Clay (14/03/2013)
  • Hi I too went to Broomhill from 1964 to 1975. Mr Crawford was my headmaster and approximately 10 years ago started talking to a lady at school and became very good friends to only find out a couple of years later (when watching our sons play football) that her dad is Mr Crawford. Talk about small world. I have to say I remember your name John but can’t put a face to it. I was looking to see on Friends Reunited where i posted a pic many years ago of our gym class, to see if you was on that pic along with Mr Lake, Mr Crawford, Marie Jones (who again I met up with while watching the boys play footy) I have managed to name many faces on that pic, but cant get on FR to see if you are on there too. Occasionally I see Susan Jackson and only saw Lesley Townroes mum and dad today. So many good memories.

    By Jayne Hall (nee Upton) (12/03/2013)
  • Hello Peter and John, I went to Broomhill school from 1964 till I left in 1967 to go to St Johns. I can remember Mr Burton as we had to go and read in his study as a test, he was frightening! I was in Miss Bells class and later Miss Turner and Miss Pilgrim. I ran for Broomhill school at Berryhill, we used to train on the field at the bottom of Westfield lane and Ladybrook lane. We had French lessons with Mrs Baggaley but I didnt learn very much. I remember the lane opposite the school that used to come out on Mount street, as if there was a fight after school, it was always down the lane, I remember two boys fighting and the teachers came so all the kids scattered, I jumped over a wall into someones allotment and landed in a bag of soot, I went home looking like I had been down the pit.

    By Paul Robinson (10/03/2013)
  • Hello Peter, I had a similar experience of a re-visit in 1990/91. I was preparing for a presentation at work and went to the old school to take some photographs. The old junior school was boarded up, but the old infants school was still open. I was allowed inside and took some photos which I had converted into slides (now sadly lost…..I think). Yes the place did seem very small, but such a simple layout with each classroom off the main hall. It brought back many memories of Miss Dawson playing the piano during morning assembly, and the day we had a visit from the police with a ‘talking’ Belisha Beacon teaching us about road safety. I joined the RAF after leaving school, and my appearance had changed dramatically by the time I was 20, but it was at about that time (1983/4) that I bumped into Miss Dawson in Lloyds Bank in town. I said hello and was astonished that she recognised me immediately and remembered my two brothers, both of whom also attended Broomhill. A remarkable, and very formidable, lady!

    By John Clay (03/03/2013)
  • Hello John, I left Broomhill Juniors in 1958 Miss Dawson was the headmistress at the infants then and Mr Burton was headmaster at the juniors, I’m surprised they were still there when you were there, they looked old then but all grown ups look old when you’re a kid don’t they? I didn’t go to Broomhill Infants, Rosemary had an infants so I went there it was nearer to where I lived. I was lucky a few years ago, I was passing through Mansfield (I don’t live there now) and thought I’ll call in at Broomhill and see if I can have a look round so I went to see the headmistress and she said it would be ok. It turned out to be the last term before it closed, the thing that struck me most was how small the assembly hall was it looked so big when I was a little boy.

    By Peter Bowler. (01/03/2013)
  • I attended Broomhill Infants and Junior schools between 1968 and 1975. Miss Dawson was the head of the Infant School and Mr Joseph (Joey) Burton was the head of the Junior School until he retired in about 1973, to be replaced by Mr Crawford. I have very many happy memories of both schools and feel rather sad that all is left of them today is a boundary wall running between Arundel Drive and Broomhill Lane, and one solitary brick pillar which used to support the gate for the Arundel Drive play ground.

    By John Clay (27/02/2013)
  • Sorry forgot to say, compare names left to right with picture.

    By Peter Bowler. (27/01/2013)

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