Sherwood Hall Technical Grammar School For Boys

Three scans from a very long school photo, does anyone recognise themselves?

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  • Edward Brookes, did you know Billy Briggs’ brother?

    By Ben Briggs (31/05/2022)
  • Hi Steve, recently found a photo of the U15 cricket team that you are on sitting next to Mr Grant. Other team names are; Neil Footitt, Colin Kirby, Kev Jones, Michael North, Peter Rice, Bob Walters, Nev Storer, David Lane, Alan Caddy, Philip Burnley, Brian Thomson, Steve Goodwin. A fully gowned Mr Radford is as ever on the team photo.
    I don’t recall whether we were a successful side although Brian Thomson could certainly play a bit! Apologies if my memory has failed with any of the name details as I have avoided the nicknames? Cheers all, Neil.

    By Neil Footitt (08/04/2022)
  • I remember this picture well – it was my first year, one of the sprogs. I’m on picture 3, first standing row, the one with the white fault mark covering half my head!
    I can see loads of my old mates – Kev Castle, Dave Till, Phil King, David Robinson on Pic 3, Frank Shillitoe (standing just behind Pip Lemmon), Stuart Fennel, Martin Wright, Steve Wright, John Shaw, Harry Curtis on Pic 2, and James Forrest and David Shaw, (John’s twin brother), on Pic 1.
    I was there from 1964 until 1971, so 50 years since I left – would be wonderful to catch up with some of the guys from that year group.

    By Keith McEwan (15/09/2021)
  • Photo 2, 12th from the left, I think that’s my Dad, Robert Walters. He left Sherwood Hall and went on to be an apprentice draughty man at Bonham & Turner then on to Steco at Sutton Junction. Then joined the Royal Engineers in 1973 and completed 22 years working his way up to W.O.1 before leaving the Army in 1995. He ended up in adult education teaching Maths at Sutton Community College.
    Sadly he passed away in May 2020. Very sadly missed but will always be very lovingly remembered. Love you Dad.

    By Paul Walters (01/01/2021)
  • John,
    Is Dave still practising? He must be 75 or 76 if he´s a day. Hope he can keep the drill from shaking!

    By Stuart Johnstone (22/06/2020)
  • I am writing this note in response to John Baines .
    My name is Steve Goodwin and I left Sherwood Hall in 1966 and moved to Canada! I do remember most of the things that John reminisced about and we did have a lot of fun and camaraderie. It has been many years but still has many great memories! I do remember the old huts and moving to the new school. We played a lot of football and continued to play in Canada.

    By Steve Goodwin (04/06/2020)
  • Decided to surf the net for old pics of my old school days. Now turning 70, remember some good and bad times. First year at Nissen Huts with Chalky White as form teacher. Mates from Huthwaite who also started that year included Dave (Chub) Hallam, me, “Bins” Rob Norton and Malc Walsh.
    First good memories, Ric Lee teaching drums in the music room at dinner times, Ric went on to play at Woodstock with Ten Years After. Pip Lemon as our form master, making sprogs stand on desk and recite a poem whilst we heckled them. George (Geography) Pope running out of fags and cadging a No 6 tipped from me. Clem Marriot telling us in Wren House, prior to the cross country, that he had laid traps on Pump Hollow Lane to stop them Lister beggars. Me and Colin Cutts persuading John Whetton that we were keen gardeners so we could skip class to dig worms for Biology dissection. Real reason was the boys’ school greenhouse was nearest to the girls’ school you could get and the greenhouse glass was whitewashed so we could smoke and snog away to our hearts content, That ended abruptly when Shotbolt and Freddy Mills caught us one lunchtime and Shotbolt found fag ends buried in the plant pots. Three lashes from Joe Radford ensued.
    Unhappy memoires include – slippered by head boy, Dave Jackson, (now my dentist). For smoking down in the copse, two whacks, whilst all the other prefects looked on, most of em with fag in gob, Alec Grant (“wipe in well lads”) and that whistling he did. Cooky, (art teacher), who I loathed. I was useless at art and put on report, he used to shove Stu/ Ralph Spencer’s drawings under my nose and then send me to detention. Spencer could make objects come alive on a page. Those indoor sandals! School caps, leather satchels and homework. Never told my Huthwaite Secondary Modern mates about them, I would have been banished from the Top Ten Café. Hated every year up to last year when the uniform was binned.
    Made some great mates though. To mention a few, Colin Cutts, Rob Norton, Chub, Bob Musson, Sam Marsh, Sonny Oliver, John (Shelly) Shelton, Gary Owen, Richard Allen, George Beastall, Malc Walsh and Paul Halfpenny. Last but not least a blast from the past Steve Goodwin, who was in a gang of us who used to hang around on Priestsic Road Rec, next to what is now Sutton Asda. Love to know if he is still around.

    By John Baines (30/05/2020)
  • I came to the school in 1974, left in 1978. I started off in the school across the school field, Sherwood Hall Girls Technical Grammar, it went comprehensive in the third year & mixed all in one go…. didn’t go well. I do remember a lot of the teachers listed!

    By angela lobley (02/08/2019)
  • Pupils I remember Steve Berry. Alan Dennett, Mick Morrison,Ian Chappel, Pete Price, Phil Daniels, Swanny, Kev Bowskill, John Kitchen, Martin Hibbert, Terry Hibbert, Pongo Wareing, Alan Reynolds, Martin Stafford, Caton Eastern, P.D.Turner, David Bamford to name a few.

    By J.D.Valants (12/05/2019)
  • Hi Stuart – usually through the stream so as to get back quicker to the dreadful showers. You are right it was colder then, I shiver thinking about it.

    By Ian White (05/01/2019)
  • Hi Ian – I was in the year above you and (probably therefore) don´t remember you but the cross country most definitely, particularly now that winter is coming. The only addition we were allowed to the statutory t-shirt and shorts was one extra pullover and a pair of gloves. The winters were much colder then as I remember. The worst part was having to decide whether to take the short-cut through the stream and get soaked and even colder, or stay dry and run the long way round. Wouldn’t have been so bad if there was a cup of coffee spiked with rum waiting for us !!

    By Stuart Johnstone (29/10/2018)
  • Who knows where the time goes. I remember cross country running around Mansfield reservoir, I had 2 years in the old huts then moved to Sherwood Hall. I didn’t socialise much so don’t expect to be recalled but the old school served me well. I went to University in 1966 and carried on working harder than playing so earned a 1st and a PhD in electronics. All distant history now as I retired 6 years ago after a very enjoyable career which took me all over the world. Thank you Sherwood Hall.
    If you’re interested I am on picture 3, 4th row up and about 5th in from right.

    By Ian White (06/10/2018)
  • My father, Eric Richardson, died aged 86 in Oct 2017 – he was a Sherwood H

    all man for just about all his teaching career.

    By mark richardson (23/04/2018)
  • Back after a bit of a gap. My memory my be unreliable but I have fond memories of the school.  I still have the school photos from 65, 67 and 69.  Mr Shotbolt took me for maths for one year but most of my maths was taught by  Mr Renshaw, a really great guy once he accepted you were willing to work.  Other names, Mr Pope (Geography & Surveying), Mr Jones (lovely guy) & Mr Barber (French – my big failing), Mr Berry (English – sad to hear he has died), Mr Bentley (Engineering), Clem Marriott (Tech Drawing), Mr Plackett (Woodwork), Mr Buckle (Biology & my tutor). I’m a couple of years younger than most of you commenting here so all my time was at Forest Town.  I do have an uncle 15 yers older than me who spent his time at Kngs Mill.

    By Geoff Lester (20/12/2017)
  • Hiya David

    Yep exchange Christmas cards with Steve Price and see him very occasionally 

    Looking forward to more comments


    By Bill Wiffen (18/11/2017)
  • Hello Bill, so pleased to see your comment on Mr Richardson, you like many of us benefited from his excellent teaching. Although I must say your benefits far outweigh mine.

    It’s good to hear from former classmates and if you want to see more of them then search the site with “4A” and you will see our class photo. Or was it a 5A class photo I wasn’t sure. I’m still in touch with John Berrill and Bob Grattage via Christmas cards and the occasional phone call. John (Brag) reminded me of a trip we had to Rugby with Pete Savage train spotting and I was pleased to dig out a spare photo of the occasion and send it on.

    I always seem to remember you with Steve Price, I wonder where he is now. I seem to recall he was cheerful and made me laugh. Where have the years gone? My 67th comes along very soon!

    By David Holt (16/03/2017)
  • Well what a surprise finding this page since not lived in the area since leaving Sherwood Hall. Got pointed towards it by an old mate who attended QEGS. 

    Nice to see comments from ‘old’ classmates like David Holt. A few extra names perhaps … Pic1 Robert Vickers at 7, (Ron or Peter?) Savage at 10, is it Alan Farmiloe at 12?… Pic2 is it Steve Redfern at 13? … Pic 3 yes it is me at 10 plus Steve Lee at 20.

    I cant see Mick Seals anywhere and I still see him frequently (only alumni I still do!)

    A special note to Mr Richardson …. A bit like Geoff Lester above your efforts at teaching us Physics we’re not wasted!! …. I ended up getting a degree in Physics at Bath Uni followed by a Masters in Geophysics at Durham University!! 

    Wil try and keep an eye on this site!


    By Bill Wiffen (02/03/2017)
  • Hi, I am on photo 2 fourth row just to the right of Mr Grant, Keith Havercroft is to my right behind Mr Neaum. We must have been in our second year. Sad to hear of the death of Keith Berry this week. Does anyone have access to the originals and could make a copy? Does anyone know how many of the staff still survive?

    Pete Harris

    By Peter Harris (24/02/2017)
  • Hi Chris Yep it must near 13 years. Moved off the Wimpey Estate, The youngest son did a boomerang on us so after downsizing,we had to upsize. Just when you think youve got it nailed down hey. Lot of memories on the above photo,I know you are not on it because you had moved to Arnold but you still recall alot of the lads. I see Paul Bond sometimes,he was running the Folk club or open mic at Sutton I think he has finished now. Register Bingley, Bond, Boot.ha ha Well I am enjoying retirement, dont know how I had the time to do anything else. Hope you are well, happy and prosperous. Still at Calverton?. I seem to keep in contact with old friends on facebook so if you are on.I will look you up.    

    By Bryan Gascoigne (15/02/2017)
  • Hi Brian, think its about 12years ago since we last met, do you still live near Stanton Hill?



    By Chris Woodward (26/01/2017)

    Think I am on this, middle pic 3rd row from back. just up from Mr Pope, next to a blond haired Yanice Plumbe. I would be a 3rd year. I left 66, did some apprentice training at NCB apprentice workshops with some more of our ex colleagues, Paul Gascoigne, Bob Kane and Mo Thatcher. Got itchy feet joined the RAF served in various places in UK and abroad. Settled down got married and now am retired and live in Sutton. Good luck to you all chaps.

    By Bryan Gascoigne (09/01/2017)
  • Hello Ian, I’ve also read your other blog & will comment there. I left in 1966 & it sounds as though you were a couple of years below me, I was in the first intake in 1961.

    That first year we took our meals in (I think) the General Science room 1 down the steps from the Head’s office. If Pip Lemon was “on” he made you eat whatever was put in front of you, at the end of the dinner period the waste bowl had very little in it!  He was instrumental in making me enjoy mincemeat tart & custard as I hated it, but once it was in front of me he made me eat it and I realised I really didn’t mind the taste. In his lessons his gave me two nicknames, “sacrifice” and “bush” on account of my unruly behaviour & long hair.

    As to Mr Cook, (was it Cooke?) see your other blog.

    Alec Grant kept a supply of slippers in a vaulting horse and if you were to be “slippered” he gave you the choice of weapon!

    John Whetton took us for Biology I seem to remember. Memory serves that he came last in the final in the Tokyo Olympics, I and many others couldn’t make it around the cross country course so full marks to him. Did we cheer him on his return? I can’t remember.

    By David Holt (26/10/2016)
  • RE comments on the house system & tutor groups above: I can only imagine the house system was meant to encourage competition. Each year the Order Marks, Detentions and Distinctions were added up to see which house won. The four houses would then gather like clans in the four dining rooms. Great cheers would go up, and you’d hear who won in a nearby classroom. I was in Faraday (yellow enamel badge). We were consistent. We lost every year. But we still cheered.

    Pip Lemmon, pictured here, was notorious for cleaning his ears with a small pen-knife during class. When we helped run the tuck shop for him, deciding for ourselves how large or small to cut the ice cream blocks for wafers, there were no questions asked as long as the money we gave him balanced at the end of the week. Pip was also in charge of the coveted gramophone player. In 1967 we would ask him for the loan of it during lunch time, vowing we were listening to Gilbert & Sullivan whilst concealing the covers of Sgt Peppers or Otis Redding.

    I remember Mr Cook, art teacher most of all. Marked everything with a purple crayon, wore a tie the same colour, and called everyone Charles. He suggested I work at Metal Box painting on tea trays. In retrospect he may well have been right. (I became an art teacher).

    I was always grateful to Bill Shotbolt for telling me to go get a ball and play on my own somewhere else whenever it was a games lesson. Quite right to. In the end myself and a couple of friends would pretend to go and do cross-country running, which involved jogging ‘til out of site, strolling round the course unaccompanied, and returning on time to see the girl’s school coming out. And was it Mr Grant who slippered the last boy off the sports field every games lesson? Also perhaps worthy of interest is temporary (?) member of staff, John Whetton, runner in the 1964 Summer Olympic Games, and seen here in bottom photo, 6th from the left.

    I remember very few names, but can identify Roger Farrand, top photo, 3rd row down, 2nd from right blond hair. Trevor Hughes, bottom photo, 3rd row down, 9th from left. Ian Craig, bottom photo, 3rd row down, 4th from right. Also on the bottom photo, back row, 2nd from the right, I think is Russel Staley. He always got the female lead when the Gilbert & Sullivan operas were an all boy cast, had a good voice, and in the late 60s was a sight to behold on the local dance floors when Northern Soul came in.

    By Ian Craig (25/10/2016)
  • A reaction to a couple of the last few postings. Firstly David, I agree with your comment regarding the Tutor groups. I also never understood what they were for. I was in Wren 4 with Clem Marriot (1958-1963) and can´t for the life of me remember any activity at all.
     So a question for Mr Richardson: What was the point of the Tutor groups? As an ex-staff-member you should be able to answer that.

    Secondly Barry, you were in the same class as me your first two years at SH ( my third and fourth) and I can shed a little light on a couple of old class-mates, albeit the info is almost forty years old. John Hind became a bricklayer after leaving school but I saw him last in 1978 and he had become a counselor for the social services, guiding Teenagers in (legal) Trouble.

    Around the same time my parents sent me a clipping from the Chad about David Jennings, who had worked his way through medical school by working on the dustcarts in Mansfield I believe. If I remember correctly he became a neuro-surgeon. I can´t find anything in the Chad archives though – probably too long ago.

    As for myself, I worked for Chas Morley, outfitters in Sutton until 1967 when I went to Germany, running a Marks and Spencers store for the NAAFI on a RAF base. Stayed there four years then moved to Holland and joined Bank of America in Rotterdam. Started studying (which I didnt do much of at SH to be honest) got my  Institute of Banks in the early eighties followed by economics and management and ended up as head of procurement for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Left in 1991 to head up a  newly formed EU public Tender Office for the government of South Holland in The Hague. Did that for eight years then became Project manager for and advisor to the Minister of Finance. In 2004 I was able to take early retirement. In 2007 we ´emigrated back´to Germany Not in the least so that I could take up hill-walking again (difficult to do in Holland). The only cloud on my horizon at the moment is what the UK and the EU agree upon regarding UK expats if and when Brexit is effected. If nothing  is sorted, I´ll have to take Dutch or German nationality  or even Scottish if they become independent. Anyway – it keeps life interesting at least.

    Regards to you all
    Stuart Johnstone

    By Stuart Johnstone (02/10/2016)
  • Great to see a comment from Bob Grattage and as you know Bob it has been all those 50 years. I’m set to post our Form 4A (or was it 5A) photo on here with the names of the souls we attended with.

    Barry it looks as though I’ll have to access the box in the garage roof to check out my copies of The Seeker. I remember a cover that was a take on the school badge but little more. It’s easy to gauge from comments on here that the school did indeed turn us out with useful skills and knowledge, although for some of the teachers it would have seemed an uphill struggle. It was for “Seth” Adams who took us for Russian.

    Geoff, I can’t remember the name of the secretary either, the only contact I had with her was when John Stanley & I had to access Joe Radford’s office for a dressing down about the length of our hair!

    Did the tutor groups do anyone any good? I was in Lister 4, can’t remember who took it but I don’t remember anything useful coming from it.

    By David Holt (16/09/2016)
  • Hello Mr Richardson!  Thanks for all your efforts at Sherwood Hall, my interest in Physics was down to your enthusiasm.  I went on to get a degree at Salford, albeit struggling with the maths.  The skills we were taught at Sherwood Hall were very useful, so although I did not use my degree directly it was enormously useful.  I have a younish family and it distresses me to see how the current GCSE curriculum compares to O & A levels I studied. Best wishes.

    By Geoff Lester (09/09/2016)
  • Hi I’m on here – photo 1, second row just to the right of the school secretart whose name I cannot remember.

    By Geoff Lester (09/09/2016)
  • Hi David,  You are right, I discovered my school report book and there it states 1960 was when I started at the Kings Mill Location. I also discovered some issues of “The Seeker” school magazine from ’63 where they mention my design for the new cover had been chosen. Seems that was a compromise solution to the competition. Well I’ve designed a ton things since then and attribute a great deal of that success to the practical education I received there.  I have a couple of those panorama photos hiding somewhere and would enjoy sharing in a “where are they now” exercise.  I’m in California since ’83 after working as a designer in Germany for a decade before.  I studied Industrial Design at Liecester Poly. and interned in N.Y.C. working for Raymond Leowy on NASA projects. Before that, I actually did my basic mining training at Clipstone Colliery, after the RAF declined to take me as a pilot!    I soon came to my senses and after a brief but memorable stint as a Dolphin keeper at Flamingo Park Zoo began studies at Mansfield College of Art.  I would love get in touch with my old school mates and learn where life took them.

    By Barry Wingate (09/08/2016)
  • Hi Robert,

    I don’t remember your name at all (but there again you can’t remember everyone) but congrats on your 50th anniversary today anyway. That doesn’t happen a lot these days. 

    David, you´re correct – the school did indeed open in Forest Town in 1961 – the start of my 4th year

    Regards to all – Stuart Johnstone

    By Stuart Johnstone (08/08/2016)
  • Well, at long last, I have found the time to start re-examining my past and wallowing in my fond memories of good old Sherwood Hall.

    I remember most of the contributors of the comments and information regarding the school photo. Was it really 50+ years since that photograph was taken? It really does not seem that long does it?

    Just to clarify, I do, in fact, still work on Diamond Avenue albeit, on a now part time basis, having started the employment on 8th August 1966. 50 years service with the same company next Monday. The firm are Accountants and not Solicitors as mentioned in contributor comments.

    Teachers I remember in particular were Ali Barber(and his 40 verbs) Alec Grant (and his plimsoll) Pip Lemmon and Tiny Johnson. I remember most of the teachers although some are more fondly remembered than others.

    I am sure that I will be making further contributions to the site and look forward to any comments regarding good old Sherwood Hall.

    By Robert Grattage (05/08/2016)
  • Hi Barry, not sure about your dates. The new Boys’ school opened at Forest Town for pupils autumn term in 1961. I used pass by, what was, the closed site at King’s Mill on the Trent service 61 from Kirkby. I don’t remember that pupils remained at the old site and my memory has it that I was in with the first intake. The Girls’ school opened in 1957/58 at Forest Town. Eric Richardson, who mentions 1957, would probably have taught on both sites. I suspect the editors will not change existing entries unless notified by the whoever sent in the comment.

    By David Holt (17/07/2016)
  • 1957    The Secondary Technical School moved from U.S. Army Hospital Nissen huts on Sutton Road to Sherwood Hall.

     I transferred to the Boy’s Secondary Technical School at Kings Mill in 1961 and remember vividly life in the Nissan huts. I think it was a year or two later that we all moved to the Forest Town location. I think the girls might have moved before we did.It was fun moving into the new buildings where we all had to change into “indoor” footwear so as not to damage the wooden and “rubber” floor coverings.  So 1957 does not ring true to me, please review your records to correct the timeline. 1957    The Secondary Technical School moved from U.S. Army Hospital Nissen huts on Sutton Road to Sherwood Hall. Barry Wingate

    By Barry Wingate (01/07/2016)
  • Hello Clare,

    First time I’ve Checked the site in a while,I can see your dad in his long Parkah now,he was a great guy,did you locate him on the Photo?

    First photo,second row from the back,6th across from the left.

    Great Memories ,

                            Best Wishes Eddie Brooks.

    By EDDIE BROOKS (18/05/2016)
  • I’ve randomly found this page searching for something else, and I think the Steve Waterfield (or ‘Hiram’!) you’re talking about is my dad! Parents Albert and Jennie Waterfield? Worked at Metal Box?

    If so, I’m sad to confirm he did indeed pass away in 2011. Lovely to read funny memories of him, he always used to tell us about having a scooter when he was young! 

    By Clare (25/04/2016)
  • Hello Mr.Richardson,

    I’m Eddie Brooks who posted the images back in April. My brother John Brooks asked me to reply, he left Sherwood Hall in 1964 ex-sixth form, I am four years younger, he mentioned what great memories he had of your Physics classes, so do I, we both mentioned what a lovely guy you were. He remembers the Gilbert & Sullivan productions where he appeared and seems to recall you sorting the lighting, I did screen printing of posters with Mr.Cook .Are you stood near to him on the middle photograph?John asked me to inform you of Lillian Fletcher’s passing last August at 94 years old (wife of Vernon who I think you possibly kept in touch with until he died approx.12 years ago) Sorry to be the bearer of sad news. John lives just 50yds., from Lillian & Vern’s house and used to do shopping and garden duties for her, he would love to know more about you but I don’t know how we could arrange that, although you know approx.where he lives. Great to hear from you, nothing but good memories, Eddie & John Brooks.


    By EDDIE BROOKS (16/02/2016)
  • Hello Mr Richardson. after all these years I will, still have to address as such. I took physics (still have an exercise book) and I’m sure you would have taught me. I may be wrong but glasses and greying hair come to mind. I think you should shoulder some congratulations in your attempts to teach, along with Messrs Shotbolt and Johnson as they were successful. Not all of us became “high flyers”, though some certainly did. I suspect most of the pupils who left turned into well rounded members of the community with knowledge to get on in work and life. You are not the only ones getting on a bit and other than Paul Gascoigne I imagine we have lost other pupils from the 1965 photo. So thanks to the three of you for the lessons, not always appreciated at the time, they have been a great help.

    By David Holt (14/02/2016)
  • Just come across this site. Interested to be reminded of the names of pupils I once attempted to teach Physics. Many of my colleagues have passed away but I still sometimes 

    see Ken Johnson, Mike Neam and  Bill Shotbolt. Needless to say we’re all getting on a bit.  Eric Richardson  Sherwood Hall 1957-1988.

    By Eric Richardson (12/02/2016)
  • I remember Bill Shotbolt.  I was at SH from 1963 to 1968 and he taught  throughout the time I was a pupil.  He was one of the “younger” teachers at the time.  He taught metalwork (Engineering Workshop Theory & Function), he taught technical drawing and sport (mainly football).  He could throw a board rubber the whole length of a classroom and hit a talking pupil nine times out of ten.

    When I started, the school was very new (having moved a year or so earlier from opposite the reservoir on Sutton Road, where it was then Mansfield Secondary Tech.  They were rightly proud of the brand new school, having endured the previous nissen huts at MST, and all the boys were obliged to change out of their “outdoor shoes” and wear sandals in school in order to protect the spongy vinyl flooring.

    Ah – happy days!

    By Clive Parkin (17/01/2016)
  • Hi John,

    That’s it – Clem Marriot, and now you mention I remember him drawing keyholes on the board. I’m probably not unique in this but most of what I learned at school I never ever used during my working career – including technical drawing. Still we all need a base to start from. I, like you, have generally happy memories of my days at SH but I do think that time has coloured it a bit though. Your Mr Briggs – I seem to remember the name but can´t place him. Which subject did he teach?

    By Stuart Johnstone (13/01/2016)
  • Hi All,

    Just found this site which has brought back some happy memories of times at Sherwood Hall. I was there between 1960 and 1966/67, 1 year at the Nissan huts, (so yes Steve Goodwin I remember you well. If I recall you had a Canadian accent when you arrived at school and I remember you leaving to return. Also blagging our way into x cert films and pubs at 15 / 16 years old. Also school football and cricket with Brian Thompson.Hope you are well.

    Stuart, the Tech Drawing teacher was ‘Clem’ Marriott. A bit eccentric but as you say heart in the right place. I remember him drawing keyholes on the blackboard to peer into the next room to see who was making noise. He was my tutor set master (Wren 6).

    I’ve been cropped out of photo no 2 (I have a copy). I would be 5th to the left of Steve Goodwin on the back row next to Rob Norton (also sadly no longer with us). I also remember Gassy and wagging days off with him to spend in a fleapit snooker hall near Kirkby Cross.

    One of the reasons I browsed to this site was to find a school photo earlier than the one above as I hoped it might show a teacher not on it, Mr Briggs who may have left in 1964 to become a vicar. I ran across him 30 years later when I moved to a village near Lincoln where he was the local cleric (Mick the Vic), more often than not in the village pub. Sadly he died over Christmas so I will be attending his funeral on Thursday in Collingham.

    I do remember many of the characters mentioned above (Billy Briggs, David Layne, Grant Townroe, Mick Cordon ….). My memories of school days there are generally happy ones.

    By John Mulryan (04/01/2016)
  • A Happy Christmas To:David,Clarky,Harry,Nigel,Chris,Peter,Steve,Stuart,Simon,Pauline and anyone else involved with our Sherwood Hall.

    Stuart, can you identify the Technical Drawing teacher you refer to on the photos, line, row, photo number and I will work on the name, all the best for the New Year also Y’all (go to America a bit) Eddie Brooks.

    By EDDIE BROOKS (20/12/2015)
  • David,

    You mentioned Tech drawing. I took that up to my 5th year (1963) but cant remember the teacher´s name. Oldish 50+ grey hair and moustache and smoked like a trooper. On the face of it a grumpy old devil but his heart was in the right place. At the end of our last year we had a whip-round and gave him a tin of Players. Never seen a teacher so lost for words – great guy . Do you know his name?

    By Stuart Johnstone (10/12/2015)
  • Hi Eddie and the rest of you old scholars.

    On the subject of Ian Blount you can see a photo which includes himself, myself and Paul Gascoigne (Gassie) on the website Search the word Mowlands and you will find us in our form photo in the last year before we set off for Sherwood Hall. I remember “Hiram” and only guess he was named from the American TV series Hiram Holliday. I still have my art book that has numerous comments from Mr Cook to meet him in detention, not my best subject. I did enjoy Tech Drawing but it took me nowhere.  I did for a while manage Blaskeys Wallpaper shop on Mansfield Market before trooping of to my life here in Norfolk.


    By David Holt (08/11/2015)
  • Hi Tony,Clarky,Stuart,

    If you look back to my entry on 04/08/2015 I pointed out Ian Blount to David Holt on the photo.He was a Kirkby lad too.Indoor shoes I had Hush Puppies but couldn’t get them back from Gassie half the time.Will have to clock out for now Pat(the wife)is nagging me to go to Matlock,all the best mate.Eddie Brooks.

    By EDDIE BROOKS (02/11/2015)
  • Some of the above contributors thinks that the school was destroyed by fire, please look at the new page ‘Sherwood Hall School/Samworth Academy to discover this was not the case.

    By Pauline Marples (31/10/2015)
  • I attended this school from 1979-81. It was not one of my favorite schools to be honest after first starting at King Edward then Ravensdale middle school. Ravensdale was the best one for me. However I met some great friends at Sherwood Hall, some of them I still keep intouch with and we have regular reunions where we all just reminisce about our memories there. I was interested to read the very first post of this thread to hear R Gibbons name mentioned. Roger Gibbons lived next door to me on Rock Hill, he was a clever chap , a “ham radio” enthusiast. After leaving Sherwood Hall he went to work at Plessey Telecomunications as an electronics engineer. I have not seen him for many years probably 20 years or more.He will be about 67 years old now I would guess.

    I on the other hand was not the brightest of kids at school myself, although some of the subjects taught to me at this school helped in a big way to me to become what I do now for work as an engineer. it was not until I left school that I started to knuckle down and start learning for my trade as a pit electrician at college. But Sherwood Hall gave me a good head start. I was sad to see how what was left of the once great Technical school was reduced to the ground by fires a few years back. Today nothing of the original buildings remain, but a great new academy has risen from the ashes. I think a more apt name to the school could be “The Phoenix Academy”

    By Simon Leivers (21/10/2015)
  • Hello Eddie. I got caught many times smoking at the bottom of the field by sneaky snivelling prefects, which resulted in the cane from Joe Radford. My fags were always the ones I’d lifted from my old mans packets. Do you remember Ian Blount (Count) who had a special hidden pocket sown into his blazer for his fags. When I did some work for your mum and dad, they were living on Tudor Street. I used to have a cuppa and my dinner with them.   What about the ludicrous situation with the indoor shoes. How stupid was that.  It used to be hilarious in morning assembly when at the end it was time for Joe Radford to read out the names of the culprits of some serious crime or other. Such as, nicking from the tuck shop, not having your cap on when coming to school, smoking on the field or dangling someone out the top window of the school bus or the most heinous of them all, walking inside school wearing welligtons. I used to hate PE with a passion and got quite good at writing excuse notes and forging my mums signature. They never failed when I showed them to Alec Grant. Mind you, i dont think he cared whether anyone did PE or not. My middle name is Tony, and for some reason if you remember I was known as Tony or Clarky, but I was always called Stu at college and at work.  I used to pal about a bit with ‘Hiram’ and we wagged it more than once together and went round Sutton Res. When I left, I was a Mod and ‘Hiram’ bought one of my scooters.  Funny days eh Eddie.  Catch you later. Regards  Stuart.

    By Stuart Clarke (18/10/2015)
  • Hi again Stuart, do you remember we called Steve, Hiram Holiday after a TV character, lovely guy, Steve not Hiram. Must look the programme up on UTube. I often used to drive past Steve on the northern bridge in Sutton, thought I hadn’t seen him in a while.God bless him. Did you do work for my mum and dad at the pub or on Tudor Street after they had retired? The fags, do you remember Martin Pask lived in the beer off on Eastfield side? he was a good supplier, he must have got them cheap. All the best Eddie.



    By EDDIE BROOKS (04/10/2015)
  • Hello Eddie, Yes I lived in Forest Town when I was there.  I’m not on that years photo Eddie, bause I decided to WAG it that day when I found out we had got to have it taken. Ha Ha Ha. The only photo I am on is 1962 when I was 12.  I believe Steven Waterfield  passed away a few years ago sorry to say.  I have numerouscher related incidents, which invariably resulted in me receiving a clout on the head with some item or other. I don’t think I finished many lessons in the room with Mr Woods (Hitler) or Pip Lemon. The usual scenario was, Clarke you’re an idiot. Get outside the door and put your elbow on the glass so I can see you’re still there. But you could nip off for a fag if you were quick without them noticing. HA HA.  When I left there I became a plumbing and heating engineer. Do you remember some years ago,that I did some work for your mum and dad. Nice hearing from you Eddie.  Regards, Stuart. 

    By Stuart Clarke (03/10/2015)

    By EDDIE BROOKS (21/09/2015)
  • Hello, I’m Clarky from 1961 to 1966. Thanks for photo Eddie. I don’t wish I was back there but nice seeing old faces. Sorry to hear about Gassy. Regards. “Clarky”

    By Stuart Clarke (12/09/2015)
  • Hi Steve,

    I don´t remember you but somehow your name seems somehow familiar as does Ian Judge and Stuart Marsh. They must all be a few years younger as I was at the school 1958 to 196I don´t recognize any of you on the photo´s but the aforementioned masters as clearly as if it was yesterday.

    I was pretty useless in some subjects at school, particularly, maths (jeuch!) and languages, but ended up in banking in Holland and Germany – strange how life goes sometimes. I retired and moved to Germany some years ago, in part to take up hill-walking again – hard to do in Holland.

    If anyone from that time knows the whereabouts of my then-time friend and SH schoolmate John Hind  I´d like to hear from you or him. I left the UK in 1967 and have not heard from him since and would like to get in touch again -or from any old schoolmate for that matter.

    By stuart johnstone (07/08/2015)
  • Hi Eddie & all,

    We both had Joe Broadfoot spotted at seventh but I had the name fuddled. I missed Ian Judge who was the sandwich king. He used to raid his mum’s kitchen and make sandwiches to sell to the unsuspecting at school, I wonder how his life turned out!

    Yes John Berrill is at 10 & along with Bob Grattage I still have Xmas card and occasional contact with them. I did send the site address over to them but have they taken the plunge?  Bob is still at the solicitors, not sure about John but as we are all approaching 65, or in my case made it last March, retirement is on the cards.

    I do remember some of the others and if you would like to see earlier photo’s of myself and Keith Brian, then with Ian Blount, go to the website “Picture the Past” and search for Chapel Street School and Mowlands School.  All the names are there.

    Where is Pem? You have the advantage of having the photo, even viewing the website  at 200% zoom I still can’t find him. To publish the band photo I really need Phil, Pem & Bill Hewitt to agree (Bill wasn’t at S. Hall), I’ll contact Phil shortly.

    Steve, I can see you in the photo and recognise your face but putting your name to it – I would never have made it. There were so many of us! Some of us have drifted, like yourself, long distances from the area, others are still there such as Bob & John & Eddie(?).

    By David Holt (05/08/2015)
  • Hi David,

    John Pemblington (lovely guy) once did a brilliant pencil sketch of a steam engine for me, would love to see the group photo. By the way went to Sandringham recently and visited Holt(lovely ,then remembered you lived in Norfolk and might bump into you) was the village named after you or vice-versa? Back to the photo excuse any mistakes, but I have checked a couple of times. Second photo at 5,Billy Briggs (Beatle Cut) at 7, Joe Broadfoot(good runner, not a joke) 8, Ian Judge, at 9, Pete Johnson, at 10, Johnnie Beryl, at 11, ? Jennings, at 12, Robert Grattage (I think works in a solicitors? at the bottom of Diamond Avenue) at 16,? Townroe, at 19, Mick Corden at 20, Keith Brain (mate) at 22,Ian Blount, at 23, John Newbury. Cheers Eddie(working on last part of photo. By the way where is John Pemblington on the photo, can’t find him?

    By EDWARD BROOKS(EDDIE) (01/08/2015)
  • Hi David,

    I don’t remember you but I am in the second photo and the fourth from the right in the back row. Another name that comes to mind is Stuart Marsh. I have been in Canada for the last 50 years, so it is nice to hear from you .

    By Steve Goodwin (07/07/2015)
  • Hi Steve,

    As you say 50 years is a long time. I don’t remember you although the name Paul Goddard rings a bell. To spot you you’ll have to say which photo you are on (1,2 or 3) and your position. I’m sure there are others looking at the site and you may well get other responses. You must have been a year or 2 above me as I came new to the school in 1961 leaving in 1966 and not taking any “A” levels. I was in Lister house, tutor group L4, and well remember the house meetings and the dinners in the dining room. My cousin, Jack Butler, attended the school in the huts but never went to Forest Town as he left before the school moved.

    By David Holt (03/07/2015)

    Does anyone remember me ? I attended the school from the time it was at the old huts and when it moved to Forest Town. I did obtain 7 GCE ‘O’ levels and was in my first year of ‘A’ levels before immigrating to Canada in April of 1966.

    During my time there I played for the First eleven football and cricket teams.My picture is in the back row of the one on the website beside a friend David Layne. Some other names which come to mind are, Brian Thompson ,Paul Goddard. It is hard to remember after 50 years.

    I married a Canadian lady and have two sons and two grandchildren with one more due in July. I look forward to hearing from anyone.

    By Steve Goodwin (28/06/2015)
  • Hi Eddie,

    The very last person in the first photo on “our” row is Philip Gilbert, now long time resident of Spain, we are still in occasional contact. Along with John Pemblington (Pem) we played in a band called “Saints and Sinners” and I still have 3 photos taken at the Kirkby OAP centre to prove it. I thought the lad to the immediate left of Phil was John Stanley with his Brylcreemed quiff?

    Not sure if No.4 is Richard Brown but I remember in a metalwork lesson after using the forge Richard dumped his work in the water bath but picked it up too quickly and burnt his hand.

    On the back row 4th from the left is that Steve (Stephen?) Williamson, a year below us he lived on Hampden St near me on Vernon Road.

    If the tenth is John Berrill on the second photo then is the 12th Bob (Robert) Grattage?

    That looks to be about the lot I can put names to although I recognise faces and that’s using 150% zoom!


    By David Holt (19/06/2015)
  • David. Our row from the left-(1)Colin Burgess (2)Paul Gascoigne, (Sadly passed away last year) (3)Me (4) Richard ? Brown (6)Steve Waterfield(9)You (13)Richard Baranski (4)Steve Cropper (My mate) (15)Dave Perry (16)Albert Pinder (19)John Stanley-Directly in front of you, Patrick Kiely and to his left Martin Pask. Working on section two, will be in touch. Eddie.

    By Eddie Brooks (04/06/2015)
  • Eddie, counting from the end of the same row with you as third, I am ninth with Robert Laughton eighth, R Gibbons eleventh, sixteenth could be Roy Gregory. Last photo same row first person is D Williams next could be Neil Mason or he is six further along, then next is P Richmond (his dad owned Jollys Jewellers), then Bill Wiffen, then Gregory B. Middle photo same row the seventh is Joe Broadbent, tenth is John Berrill, that’s enough to be going on with! The site doesn’t have a contact facility and you would have to drive into deepest Norfolk to find me!

    By David Holt (29/04/2015)

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