Brunts School November 1956

Photo of the whole school for anyone interested 1956.  Also, same photo ‘cut’ into four more manageable parts.

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  • Does anyone remember Maureen Gill, she was born in 1950 so am I right in saying she would have been at Brunt’s in 1961-66?

    By Joanna Hiorns (26/07/2021)
  • Can anyone remember my Dad, pupil at Brunts around 1950 or bit later? His name is Ralph Mitchell from Jubilee nr Selston .

    By F Goodall (21/05/2021)
  • I was in the second year when this photo was taken. I am seated in the second row from the front, immediately below Headmaster Priestley’s right arm! Along that row, moving to the left, Gordon Lunt, Geoffrey Gard, Peter Mason, Roger Starbuck, (?), Nigel Simmonds, (?), (?), John(?) Burton (he was the son of Mr Burton, Headmaster at Broomhill at that time). The master seated behind him is Johnny Bocock who tried to instill in us the importance of religious education. There are many familiar faces whose names I can no longer recall, although I do remember our Art teacher, Miss Biles, seated 7th. to the right of Mr Priestley. I left later that year since my parents moved to Retford.  

    By Trevor Randall (18/07/2015)

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