Brunts School

These photographs will take former Brunts staff and pupils down memory lane.

1 -Front row - left of teacher Steve Bainbridge. Front right end two girls, Jean Robinson, Ann Robinson
Brunts School Photographic Society
3 - Front row left of teacher, Steve Bainbridge - Front row, end two girls Jean Robinson, Ann Robinson
Brunts School Photographic Society
4 - Front row girl left of shield Jean Robinson , right of shield Ann Robinson. Teacher Frank Gibbs
7 - Teacher Frank Gibbs, front row Jean Robinson - ? - Jean Booth
8 - Back row ? - John Wetton - Morris Hicking. Front row ? - Ann Robinson Frank Gibb ? - ?
Brunts School Photographic Society
Brunts School Photographic Society
Brunts School Photographic Society

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  • I was at Brunts from 1969-1974, I left age 16 to move away. Any former friends would like to get in touch?

    By Mary Lee (22/04/2023)
  • I think Mr Phillips’s real name was John, but we all called him Clarence. We gave him hell. So much so that our class started a “kindness to Clarence” league, very unusual amongst adolescent boys. Looking back I can see that he was very insecure, but it’s good to see that he stuck with it. I saw him once hand in hand with a young lady, so – sixty five years too late – Clarence, I salute you!

    By George David Brelsford (09/04/2023)
  • Lovely school, I was there 1960-67. Teachers I recall best, John Crewe, Johnny Bocock, Bob Jarvis, Mr Trundle, Geoff Sodo, Dennis Grimsley, Mr Bryant (were there two of them?) Mrs Day (nee Acton), Plug Geeson, Miss Prager, obviously “Ben”, Frank Gibbs, Maurice Bradbury, Miss Mizen, Miss Harness and Clarence Phillips. There was a lovely welsh lady who taught RE, Mrs Sandwell.
    I can still recall all the boys, alphabetically, in my class and some of the girls. RIP Philip George Edward Evans my bestie in those years. Oops, forgot sifts Sam Samson (PE)

    By Ernest sollis (13/03/2023)
  • Anne, the other famous athlete was Adrian Metcalf.

    By David Brelsford (01/03/2023)
  • I was in the same year as the distinguished alumni Nigel Lightfoot. 1956-1964. And John Whetton was 3 years ahead as with another famous athlete. So sports days were exciting.
    Lightfoot was intent on becoming a Doctor and by accident, found he accomplished this and more. Submarine surgeon for 15 years then research at Porton Down Nuclear Facility.
    I went to the United States so lost touch with many but wouldn’t be surprised if others didn’t reach dizzy heights. Best teaching one could wish for and best school by far, but am biased. Great days and Mr Ben Priestley was a very generous person, if you dared approach him. Also went on school trip to Austria and had Anglo-Danish exchange for some pupils.

    By ANNE ASHLEY (28/01/2023)
  • Just seen the contribution by John Holliday. I think you walked into a lamp-post and broke a tooth on the way to the Friday swimming lesson in 1960/1.

    By Harry Whitehouse (13/02/2021)
  • I attended Brunts from 1965 to 1970.
    I also live in Tasmania like David Brainy Brelsford, small world. Mr Priestley was known as Ben at that time.

    By Ruth Hale (04/10/2020)
  • I remember you, Harry Whitehouse. You once introduced yourself to the new French mistress as Henri Blanc Maison – which she corrected to Maison Blanche to everyone’s amusement. We were in 2P at the time, c. 1959/60. John Holliday.

    By John Holliday (01/02/2019)
  • Was also there 1972-1979. Mr Priestley (Benny behind his back) left during that time. It was then the 6th form were no longer required to wear uniform (nor the thin striped tie), and the singing of the school song stopped. We insisted on it at our final assembly.

    By Chris Boot (04/11/2017)
  • First photo:

    Back row: Alan Mellors;?; John Baylis; Brian Rich; John Hughes; Charles Easom; John Gibson; John Macdonald: Howard Staley; ? Purseglove; Murray Cresswell; Ray Richards; Terry Whitehead.

    Middle row: Julianne Swinscoe; Margaret Ward: Sandra Hunt: Christine Whitfield; ? Macdonnell?; Enid Sargison; Jessica Poole; ?; Marlene Bramley.

    Bottom row: ?; Patrick Daly;?;?; Miss Wainwright; Violet Falomir; Jennifer Fletcher; Jean Robinson; Ann Robinson.

    By Alan Mellors (28/08/2017)
  •  Photo 7 top left is Verena Hill ( my mum ) she married Raymond Hartley who was in the same year they are still married and living in Norfolk. I went to Brunts in the 70s and Mr Priestley was headmaster my first form teacher was Johnny Bocock and the school orchestra was still going strong.


    Graham Hartley (1972-79)

    By Graham Hartley (23/06/2016)
  • Soooo many memories here surrounding messrs Gibbs (‘Frank’), Bocock (‘Johnny’), Thomas (‘Taffy’), Bradbury (‘Toe’*) et al. I was at Brunts 1963 – 1970. During that time Mr Priestley was always known as ‘Ben’  (never to his face of course!!). I was aware that he was Henry Benjamin Priestley, but he was seldom, if ever, referred to as ‘Henry’ during the 1960s. I am not sure when Mr Bradbury began to be called ‘Toe’. It allegedly arose after he admonished a slothful pupil, threatening him that he would be propelled by a toe up his backside if he did not get a move on! The little school orchestra (pupils and staff) was still going strong in 1970. As well as the Mozart, they regularly played Warlock’s Capriol Suite. 

    Tob Bradford (Brunts 1963 – 1970)

    By Rob Bradford (28/05/2016)
  • My mother, Sylvia Robinson, of 4 , Rutland Street, was a pupil at Brunts around 1930. Despite the objection of her father (tailor Frank Robinson) she went to Manchester University and graduated in English . She married my father, John Robinson, (strange, but true ) after his service as a Lancaster pilot in the RAF, and they settled as teachers in Leicester. Sadly, my mother died in 1969 when I was 15 and my brother was 10 . We have many memories of Mansfield where we spent many weekends and ALL our Christmases until 1968 .

    By Martin Robinson (28/05/2015)
  • This sight brings back soooooooooo many memories Johnny Bocock what a teacher! No such characters around in our schools over here, can’t beat the English grammar school mentality! so lucky to have gone through the system in the 60s 

    By ruth hale (17/05/2015)
  • I think I can perhaps resolve the “Henry/Ben” dilemma. If I remember right, his initials were H.B. He only started at Brunts a couple of years or so before me (early 50’s) and no doubt someone saw in the press that his name was Henry Benjamin. So naturally we all called him Henry. But not long after I left (1958) one of his sons joined Brunts and no doubt let slip that his father preferred to be called by his second Christian name of Benjamin. So Ben he became. Now I don’t know if that is true, but I imagine that was the case.Of course, as we have all said, to his face he was always “Sir.”

    By David Brelsford (17/10/2014)
  • Did you know Mr Priestley was a demon train spotter and wrote books about it?  Not that any of us lesser mortals knew that.  And from 1951/58 he was Henry to my class (behind his back of course).

    By Terry Whitehead (09/10/2014)
  • Mr Priestley was “Ben” throughout my time there. (1960-5).

    By Harry Whitehouse (22/08/2014)
  • Photo 8. I think

    Steve Bainbridge, John Wetton, John Mullins, Maurice Hickling, Howard Staley

    By David Wootton (30/04/2014)
  • Photograph 6: The groundsman is Len Fox. My father, Islwyn Thomas taught at Brunts in the early 50s as P.E. and Games master. “Fox” was a friend often coming to tea and bringing pots of his own honey which was delicious. He insisted on being called “Fox” he could not allow us to call him “Len” – old fashioned values, I suppose. Gilbert Thomas (Geography) (Photograph 9) was my nominal uncle.

    By Ian Thomas (08/05/2013)
  • Regarding the first comment about photograph 3, I never heard the Headmaster Mr. Priestley referred to as “Ben” whilst I was there (1953-58). We always called him “The Boss” (self explanatory) or “Henry”, which I think was his first name. Of course, to his face he was always “Sir”. Mr Thomas did indeed play the double bass in the little orchestra at assembly. Mr Timms played the piano and Miss Dibben (before she married and left) played the violin. Even now, whenever I hear Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik it puts me in mind of the Brunts orchestra, who used to play it all the time.

    By David Brelsford (06/11/2012)
  • I have had another brainstorm re these photos! Re Photo 7, the girl at the back on the extreme left is called Verena (Stevenson??) If I recall, she was a particularly good athlete and was the cousin of a girl in my class, Adrienne Allen. Maybe a few more names may come to me at a later date. Ann Booth

    By Ann Booth (03/11/2012)
  • I recognize quite a few in these photos but cannot always put a name to the faces. However, in Photo 10, the girl on the extreme right at the back is Ann Mallinder (now Davis and living in South Africa). We are still friends after all these years and have visited in the last few years. I also keep in touch with quite a few of the girls I was in school with even though I now live on the glorious Great Barrier Reef. Ann Booth (nee Brelsford)

    By Ann Booth (01/11/2012)
  • I can name most of the people in the football team – 6th photo down. They are: Back row, left to right : unknown, unknown, Jeff Else, Anthony Barber, Derek Hooton, Tony Unwin, Robert Johnson. Front Row, left to right : Mr Holmes, ? Shaw, Terry Fensome, Geoff Marshall, David Evans, Michael Keeton, the groundsman. Also, on the 8th photo down, the girl on the far left of the front row is Pamela Hands, who I believe married a Mansfield Town footballer. Nice to see a few old face again. David “Brainy” Brelsford, now living in Tasmania.

    By David Brelsford (11/10/2012)
  • A friend has recently acquired a card commemorating the 1935 Jubilee. The card is printed on one side with the Union Jack and the name of the recipient, G F Roach of Brunts School. Does anyone know of this person or any similar cards from that era?

    By Tom Shead (22/09/2012)
  • Memory Lane for sure! My father James Shaw was at Brunts probably started around 1931. Can’t remember whether Mr Gibbs taught him French or was a pupil with him. Johnny Bocock was a pupil with my father and then later taught me history. Mr father’s sister Dorothy Shaw also went to Brunts -later than my dad. My first year form teacher was Mr Bradbury (Morris) – maths – not my best subject! Mr Thomas used to play the double bass in assembly.

    By Margaret (12/03/2012)
  • 1. teacher is Miss Wainwright (daughter of Ethel Wainwright) & headmistress 3. teacher is Mr Priestly headmaster – known as “Ben” 4.5. & 8 teacher is Mr Gibbs 9. teachers – on right of photo Mr Thomas (Taffy) (geography) & on left Mr Bocock (Johnny) (history) 10. Miss Ruth (I think) PE mistress, left about 1960 & replaces by Miss Harness

    By Diane (26/01/2012)
  • Correction sorry! I reversed Mr Thomas & Mr Bocock – bad thing to do!

    By Diane (26/01/2012)

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