Henley High School

Sketch of Sherwood Hall
J Michael Hargeaves

This school is a bit of a mystery, oral history and brief information in the Mansfield newspapers suggest it was based in Mansfield and High Pavement, Sutton. Now we have discovered an advert for it being at Sherwood Hall in 1952. Does anyone recall it being there, or remember any of the teachers?


Sherwood Hall, Mansfield,

for Boys and Girls (5-16)

Now re-organised for intensive education by:

Maj. D. Vaughan, M.A. etc. (English, History, French, Latin)

Mr. O.F. Brindley, F.N.I.C.S. (Maths, Science, Geography)

Mr. D. Marshall, L.R.A.M. A.T.C.L. (Music)

Mr. L. Fenton Int. & N.D.D. (Art, Handicrafts)

Mr. I. Scott, Lon. Mat. (General subjects, Cricket, Tennis)

Miss M. Adams, M.F.T Com. P.C.T (Shorthand, Typing etc.)

Other qualified teachers,

Mrs. B. Smith, Miss M. Fells, Miss H. Brown,

Miss S. Keyworth.

Riding teacher, Miss June Harris

Best Private School premises in the County

Inspections invited

For terms apply The Headmaster.


An advert discovered Mansfield, Sutton & Kirkby Chronicle, March 20th 1952, p.6  (Mansfield Local Studies Library)

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  • Patricia, if you would like to email me at I can send you a news cutting for a sports day at Henley High School/Sherwood Hall with your name on. Our Sherwood Hall project is on-going and quite a lot of research has been done on Henley High School and we are keen to discover more, so your information on this page is really great.
    Pauline Marples

    By Pauline Marples (06/05/2019)
  • a 2nd post.. I remember that Mr Vaughan wore his morterboard and gown and he used to read to the children perhaps one afternoon a week, the book I loved was King Solomon’s Mines by H Ryder Haggard and I asked my parents to buy me a copy. Another thing whilst at Portland Hall there was a show we put on ‘The Mikado’ the dress rehearsal was for the Pensioners to come to, the main night was for parents, family and the public. and then we went to the Hospital and performed it there as well on the third night. At Sutton we had swimming lessons at the baths there. Then at Sherwood Hall we had a sports day for parents to attend.
    The reason for the change of venues I believe was Portland Hall was either too small or not available. Sutton was too far for some Parents and the decision was to split up, I do not know what happened with the Sutton pupils but those who moved went to Sherwood Hall.

    By Mrs Patricia Marsden (02/05/2019)
  • I actually attended the school at all three places, and remember Mr Vaughan well he was a very interesting man. I was victrix ludorum whilst at Sherwood Hall, and have a book signed by him to this effect. I took riding lessons there. My friends and I used to sit up on the roof during break times. I did get the cane on my hands on one occasion only in the Headmaster’s office. I enjoyed my time there at all three venues.

    By Patricia Marsden nee Billing (01/05/2019)
  • Henley High School started at the Henley Memorial Hall Portland Street Mansfield after the war Capt Vaughan lodged at our house late war years. I attended 1949-1950 until it moved away from Mansfield. John Sankey also attended

    By John Irons (21/12/2018)

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