Carter Lane Infants School

The first two photos were taken at Carter Lane Infants School on ‘May Day’ 1961, Jennifer Frost was the May Queen. It was a memorable day and there was also a maypole with children dancing round it.

The third photo was taken in 1962 when Jennifer as retiring Queen handed the crown over to the new May Queen. She was then in the first years of the Juniors. Seated at the piano is Miss Bramwell.

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  • Hi, I am in the maypole photo, my name is Stephen Clough, I was born in 1955 and my first school was Carter Lane. Head master was Mr Noble and one of the teachers was Miss Phipps, who lived next door to me on Big Barn Lane.
    I would love to visit the school and see how much it has changed. I went on to Ravensdale school later

    By Stephen Clough (28/01/2024)
  • Wow just come across this page by accident. I was good friends with the May Queen Jennifer Frost, and the second girl in on the front row is my sister Janet Jackson. I went onto Ravensdale later on along with quite a few others on this picture. I later qualified as a teacher but am retired now. I’m Christine Milligan but was Christine Jackson.

    By Chrissy Milligan (06/03/2023)
  • Can any one remember the twins Vera and Mary Heath who went to Carter Lane school in 1960s

    By Vera roebuck (heath). (04/02/2021)
  • John Dadacz has kindly helped put names to more faces in the first photo.
    Left to right, back row:
    Keith Ward, David Morley, Stephen Orwin, Steven Lake? Christopher Wass, David Wheatley, Lindsay Betts, Steven Clough.
    2nd row standing:
    ?, ?, Lesley Green, ?, Lynne Johnson, Roy Weedop (Page Boy), Jennifer Frost (May Queen), Philip Boaler (Page Boy), Laurie Swinscoe (Maid of Honour), ?, Marion Johnson, Linda Hill, Yvonne?
    3rd row, kneeling and sitting:
    Richard Taft? Christine Hull, Angela Geeves, Kay Francis? Karen Marchant, ?
    front row:
    ?, ?, Brenda Barker, Janet Jackson, ?, ?, Janet Orwin? ?, ?, ?,
    Our apologies if we’ve got anyone wrong, it was a long time ago.
    Can anyone fill in the blanks?

    By Jenny Wright (14/07/2020)
  • Hi John, well that was a blast from the past, seeing your name there. I recognised you as one of my class mates as soon as I saw it, although as it has been about 50 years since we all parted company I hope you’ll forgive me when I confess that your face is a little hazy. Are you one of the boys in the photos?
    I think I can put names to a few of the faces too, back row, 5th from the left, I think was Christopher Wass, 7th, Lindsay Betts and the 8th boy Clive ? Second row standing, 2nd girl in is Lesley Green, the page boy on my left (looking at the photo) is Roy Weedock and the one on the right is Philip Boaler, the girl standing next to Philip is Laurie Swinscoe, who I believe was my maid of honour and the last girl in that row was Yvonne ?
    On the front row seated, I think the 3rd girl in is Janet Jackson and the 6th Janet Orwin.
    On the day all the girls in bonnets and their partners standing behind them, danced around the maypole, although I confess I can’t remember what part the small ones in the front two rows played, apart from the flower girls in the middle.
    It would be great if you could add the names of those you think you know, and maybe others will then come in with more, or to correct us if we’re wrong.

    By Jenny Wright (05/06/2020)
  • There several of my classmates on here. I’m trying to put names against all of the faces. I know about half a dozen or so. If anyone can help please let me know 😄.

    By John Dadacz (04/06/2020)

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