Mansfields First Cinema

A few more pictures from the Museums Chad Negative Collection, taken in June 1973 and listed as ‘Mansfield’s First Cinema’ Where was this, did you go there? what films did you see?

Chad B+1948 27
Chad B+1948 28
Chad B+1948 29
Chad B+1948 31
Chad B+1948 32

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  • Mansfield’s first FULL TIME cinema, not just first cinema. The Victoria Hall (Palais de Dance / QI / etc..) was screening movies from 1907.

    By Howard Mansfield (09/12/2015)
  • According to the 1957 Linney’s Gazateer the premises were W J Wilson, Plasterers, Decorative mouldings etc.  This book is a treasure, a mine of information!

    By Tom Shead (29/04/2015)
  • Yes like Barry says I’m sure this was used by a company that used to make decorative plaster cornice and ceiling rose mouldings, as is evident by the white powder spillage in the doorways. Don’t know if it was the same company or not that relocated but there was one in the eighties on Arthur Street just off Newgate Lane that did the same sort thing. Does anybody remember the company name or anybody who worked there?   

    By Kevin Gilbert (28/04/2015)
  • The building was formerly known as the ‘Albert Works’ The Simpsons were gas fitters and mechanical engineers. Between 1874 and 1882 they manufactured the ‘Defiance’ bicycles (Penny Farthings) and tricycles. They sub-let part of the building to a Mr. Weatherall, wholesale boot and shoe maker in 1892. Property was vacated in 1894. 

    By John Vanags - Old Mansfield Society (04/04/2015)
  • It looks like the Popular Picture Palace on Elm street. I don’t think it was open for very long though, it only survived until 1912 as the Palace Electric Theatre on Leeming street opened in 1910.

    By Angela Bramwell (01/04/2015)
  • I seem to remember this building being on Elm Tree Street  an old plasters workshop.

    By barry (01/04/2015)

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