Old Railway Building

These three photos are from the Museums Chad Negative collection. They are just marked ‘Old Railway Building’ and were taken in 1974, can anyone say where they were and tell us more about them?

Chad C+3921 19
Chad C+3921 20
Chad C+3921 21

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    Picture 1 is of one of the most important railway buildings in Mansfield’s railway history it is the warehouse at Portland Wharf built for the Mansfield and Pinxton Tramway long before the Nottingham to Worksop line was built as the plaque in picture 2 dated 1819 shows and can be seen in picture 1 to the left of the upper story right hand window. To the right of the building in picture 1 which looks like it was the first to be demolished was the stables for the railway horses but the building in picture 1 has not been lost, it was dismantled and I believe moved to the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley.  I remember the building very well from the early 1960s it was on the right hand side of Station Street after entering  from Albert Street, about opposite the Railway public house beside the viaduct which is still in use today.  The line ran from Mansfield to the wharf at the end of the Pinxton arm of the Cromford Canal which ran from the main canal at Codnor Park to Pinxton.                                                               

     Some of the line is still in use today although bits have been realigned to take some of the curves out but it still more or less follows the original alignment as far as the main Erewash Valley line at Pye Bridge Junction to which it was later connected after the canals were bought by the by the railways to get their business and then fell into disuse.  A lasting reminder of the Mansfield and Pinxton Tramway is the magnificent five arch viaduct that was built almost 200 years ago at Kings Mill reservoir to span the River Maun at the outflow of the reservoir, a date stone similar to the one in picture 2 can still be seen above the centre arch, the viaduct is still in use today as part of the Maun Valley Trail.

    By P.Bowler (01/04/2015)
  • I believe this was the original 1819 terminus building of the Pinxton horse railway. It was the oldest remaining railway building in the country which was demolished in 1983 to make way for the building of the Co-op supermarket on Station street. But it was re-erected at the Midland Railway Trust land at Butterley.

    By Angela Bramwell (01/04/2015)

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