Mansfield Shoe Co. Outing

This amazing photograph shows a group of employees from Mansfield Shoe Co. going on an outing. Does anyone know where they were going? They all look pretty smartly dressed.

Mansfield Shoe Co. Employees
Mansfield Museum

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  • Hello Jazmine


    I’m sorry but I cannot help you, Walter Unwin was not a name I came across, but there were other firms of Footwear Manufacturers in Mansfield, namely, Wetherall’s, Ward Brothers who made football boots and of course the Mansfield Shoe Co, formerly Royce and Gascoyne, there was also Betts and Broughton in Huthwaite who made safety boots for the Mining industry, Walter could have worked at any one of these firms.


    I have located a Marriage in Mansfield of a Walter Unwin and Ivy Ross, who married in the June Qtr of 1934, if this is the person you are looking for it would have been before I joined the industry.


    I hope this will be of some use to you.


    Clifford Burton

    By Clifford Burton (10/06/2014)
  • Hi Clifford Burton, I don’t suppose you ever came across anyone called Walter Unwin? I’m currently looking into my family tree and my Grandad said his Uncle Walter was a shoe maker. 
    many thanks,
     Jazmine .

    By jazmine unwin (09/06/2014)
  • Hello Allan, I have to agree with You, it does look like a trip from the Eclipse, with a large contingent of Shoe Co employees supporting it. I never heard it talked about, they were probably Eclipse secret

    By Cliford Burton (27/02/2014)
  • Hello Clifford, It is difficult deciding where and when a picture was taken.But, we know 1. There are no children on the outing. 2. The picture is taken outside the Old Eclipse on West Gate. 3. Trips are usually photographed from where they start. Of course it could be a trip to the Old Eclipse Pub for a night out from the Shoe Co. or to a show or something. I don’t know , I just saw the clues.

    By alan curtis (26/02/2014)
  • This was indeed a Shoe Co outing I was employed there for 46 years and recognise a number of people on the photograph, I would say the period would be c1949-50. Happy days.

    By Clifford Burton (25/02/2014)
  • I am sure this is not the Shoe Co. outing….The picture is taken on West Gate, outside the Old Eclipse Public House…It is almost certainly a grown up’s outing. Most probably the St. John’s Ambulance, who’s meeting rooms were at the rear of the Eclipse.. As in the past, seaside trips started and finished from where it was organised. alan

    By alan curtis (24/02/2014)

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