Looking after the staff.

Mansfield Shoe Co. provided excellent training for its entire staff; all were encouraged to attend college to gain a City and Guilds in Boot and Shoe manufacture. There were also junior classes for young employees and a senior evening class.

‘…people at the ‘Shoe Co’ warmed to you very quickly and you made friends for life, it was like being part of a large family…’ Cliff Burton

Dances and social functions happened regularly in the staff canteen. Every April there was a presentation of Gold Watches, these were given out to staff for 40 years loyal service. At Christmas time as well as a Dance for the staff, there was also a party for the staff’s children this included jelly and ice-cream as well as a visit from Santa.

‘…attending evening classes once a week and day release education, was compulsory for 15 to 18 Year olds. The firm encouraged all further education and it did broaden your outlook and vision. Evening classes were held in the factory where you would spend four weeks in each department learning all aspects of shoemaking at the end of term you would design a pair of shoes and carry out the manufacturing process….’ Cliff Burton

If you visited the Medical Department you were given treatment for injuries and advice on health problems.

‘….At Christmas work rooms were trimmed up and decorated with everyone looking forward to the festive season. On the last day some departments were allowed to finish work early so they could have their ‘Fuddle’, with Babycham and Sausage Rolls, then dash of home and be back for 8pm for the Christmas Dance in the Canteen….’ Cliff Burton

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  • My Mum is taking the gym session, she was Alice Gamble in those days and worked for Miss Royce in the Personnel department and was responsible for orgaising many of the social functions at the Shoe Co, prior to 1954.

    By Janet Rees (22/01/2015)
  • My father Bill Wood was a leather buyer at the Shoe Company. He retired in about 1970 and went to live in Menorca. He is seated on far right bottom row of presentation photo. I remember Christmas children’s parties in the canteen.

    By Helen Davis (08/10/2013)
  • I remember a male member of staff who had worked at the Shoe Company whom I knew who had worked at the shoe company and had never had a day off due to illness since he joined the company on leaving school. Many many years later he took ill, this apparently caused some panic and the management felt they should get someone to under take his Duties. Surprise Surprise! they could not find out what he actually did, for years apparently he had just wandered around with a clipboard chatting to the Girls in particular and that was it fullstop!

    By MGR (07/02/2012)
  • This brings back memories for me not of the Shoe Company but of when I worked at the YEB in Rotherham, when there were lots of social activites for staff to get involved in.

    By Pauline Handley (31/01/2012)

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