Mansfield Shoe Company

For many years Mansfield Shoe Company was a well established industry in the centre of Mansfield, providing jobs for┬ápeople in the locality and shoes for the wider population. All that has now gone, the firm closed in ? (can anyone supply the date?), and the building has been demolished. Today [2011] all that remains are memories and photographs such as the ones below taken by a Chad photographer of the signing of a contract in October 1981. It was obviously an important occasion judged by the dignitaries and people present – does anyone recall it?


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  • Currently revisiting my boyhood stamping ground – can’t believe the changes in Mansfield since I moved away in 1963 ! Regarding the shoe factory – was it just out of Stockwell Gate where I would have caught the Trent 100 bus back to South Normanton ? I recall a pair of semi-detached shops just round the corner heading to Nottingham Road [where I used to go to visit Exchange and Mart for Hornby Dublo] – one a butcher the other a jeweller – the butcher was called Silver and the jeweller Lamb or Bull – can anyone confirm ?

    By David Wilkinson (16/09/2011)
  • The old company Norvic, went bust in 1981 and the Mansfield factory faced closure but there was a managment ‘buy out’ helped by many of the workers chipping-in with their redundancy money.

    By Berisford Jones (30/08/2011)