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I am responding to the post by Fred Newton on the ‘Mansfield’s Foundries & Roadside Letter Boxes page’, Fred Newton spoke  about the Sanderson & Robinson foundry and I was surprised to see that reference has been made to Walter (Walt) Moody who is my father. Also mention is made to the gilled pipe machine which I saw in operation when I was taken as a boy and I met Cyril Kent & Horace Ward. I also have found some old photos which may be of interest. 

1) Walter Moody in the middle with Horace Ward to the right ( with hat )
2) Bob Appleby (arrowed)
3) The back of photo 2
4) Cyril Kent, Bob Appleby,Walter Moody, Winner Blythe, Alwyn Pearson
5) The back of photo 4
6) Walter seems to be constructing a new roof at the foundry.
Dolphin Lamp, London.
I understand the dolphin photos were taken by office staff during construction
Dolphin Lamp, London
Dolphin Lamp, London

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  • I have only just joined this site and was delighted to see the references to The Meadow Foundry Company and it’s sister company Sanderson and Robinson . I worked for the company from 1960 until it’s closure in 1980 serving an apprenticeship as a draughtsman and ending my time there as Works Director . I well remember Walt Moody, Cyril Kent and Horace Ward . Walt was a superb engineer and welder and nice to see references to his role in producing Gilled tubes which although produced by machine took all of Walt’s genius to set it up . I have recently been trying to put together a few notes about my memories of my time there and particularly about the products we made , the processes used and the people who worked there to make it such a wonderful organisation.

    If any members have any anecdotes to contribute I would be more than grateful to know of them .

    Many thanks.


    By AllanBarham (05/04/2017)

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