Railway Carriages On The Move

These intriguing photos in the Museums Chad Negative Collection were taken in January 1980 and are just listed as ‘Warsop Railway Carriage’. Where in Warsop were they situated? Why were they removed? and where were they taken on the back of the lorry?

CHAD J6162 10
CHAD J6162 11
CHAD K4048 14
CHAD K4048 16

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  • My family lived in a railway carriage on Sherwood St. Warsop, facing the Swallows pub road in 1972. Our name was Wood and we had 4 kids. Our neighbours were the Penroses. Happy days. But my husband, who worked down the pit had an accident and we were no longer able to care for the livestock we had, so we sold it and I believe houses were built on it.
    I would love to see any photos of the carriages as we moved to Nottingham.

    By PATRICIA JOHNSON (21/10/2023)
  • The railway carriages in Warsop were situated on Ridgeway Road between Oakfield Avenue and the allotments.

    I remember them being removed and remember being told they had been bought for a preserved railway but no idea which one.

    By Andrew Wright (20/08/2019)
  • I well remember one of these carriages used as a home up until the early 1970’s (if my memory serves me right). This was situated on the main road from Sutton to Huthwaite on the opposite side to the Travellers Rest Pub. Does anybody else remember this, and the date that it was removed, or indeed who lived there.  

    By Kevin Gilbert (27/09/2015)
  • If you look at the picture of the Engine Sheds at the side of Cinderella’s Walk [one of my pages],  there are two of the converted carriages that were used by the Italian P.O.W.’s. Above the carriages in the distance are the houses of what used to be Victoria Terrace situate in the Brickyard. My Aunt Florence and Uncle Lawson Storey, lived at number six.

    By alan curtis (01/09/2015)
  • Just after the war, this type of Railway Carriage finished up all over the place. My wife and her family (Parents Family), spent their holidays in one of these carriages at Hutoft, near Skegness. During the war, some of these carriages were used to accommodate the Italian P.O.Ws. They were situate at the Engine Sheds at the top of Bradder Street. And also at the top of Bradder Street, they were used to house other Italian P.O.Ws. In the railway sidings that were also accessed from the old Brickyard. I recall there were two of these carriages that the P.O.Ws used as a rest room and Kitchen. I also remember, we as starving kids watching, and smelling the prisoners frying bacon and eggs, whilst our mouths watered.

    By alcurtis (31/08/2015)

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