Berry Hill Rehabilitation Centre

Berry Hill Rehabilitation Centre once situated on Berry Hill Lane, Mansfield was a place where injured workmen, mostly miners were helped on their road to recovery with physio and occupational therapy. These photos however are a bit of a mystery, they are marked as Berry Hill Rehab but appear to be a presentation with cowboys, or a country and western group – can anyone enlighten us to what the event was?

CHAD T8165-20
CHAd T8615 22

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  • My Grandad came to Berryhill with a fractured pelvis after a mining accident, He always spoke about Alfred Hitchcock visiting, Does anyone know anything about it?

    By Vic (31/05/2023)
  • As a young lad with mates we’d chat to the injured miners who would give us a tanner (6d or now 2 1/2 p) to fetch them cigarettes from the shop on Jenny Beckets lane. We had to sneak back and slip them to the miners as they weren’t allowed to have them.
    The shop keeper knew they were for the miners so allowed us to buy them.

    By Kev (11/08/2022)
  • If this photo was in Chad there may be a write up attached.
    On the upper photo, the man behind the lady presenter in the tartan shirt is Ken Edwards, a remedial gymnast at Berry Hill. I think he was in charge of the gym staff.

    By Ann Newth Wood (08/05/2021)

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