New Maternity Department

Opening of the Maternity unit.
Sister welcomes Lady Mac millan and Matron Aldridge to the new maternity unit. I would be interested to know if anyone can name the sister.
Lady Macmillan unveils the plaque.
Maternity ward corridor following renovations.
Maternity ward, where mothers and babies were together during their stay in hospital - an new initiative at the time.
Premature baby unit.
Site of the Maternity unit as it was in 1957, these buildings are due for demolition.

The maternity unit was originally at the Victoria hospital and, following the post war baby-boom, there was a need for a larger unit. The wards and corridors were refurbished

The unit was opened by Lady Dorothy Macmillan on the 2nd of October 1957. It had four post natal wards for mothers and babies to be nursed together “Lying-in”, which was a new concept at the time. It also had an ante natal ward – as well as a new delivery suite and a premature baby unit.

The wards were named after historic homes in the area – Welbeck, Hardwick, Thoresby, Rufford and Clumber. These names continued to be used when they moved to the Dukeries building in the 1970s.

These wards were later used for other specialities (information to be added shortly) until March 2011 when they are due to be demolished to allow for a new car park.



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  • I wonder if anyone on here can help me out? My parents moved to Mansfield in 1952, and I was born in December of that year. Although they lived in the centre of Mansfield I was actually born in Worksop and my father never explained why. Does anyone have any ideas about why my parents would take a long, uncomfortable bus ride in the middle of a cold December day all the way to Worksop hospital when Mansfield General was right on their doorstep? Any theories welcome.

    By David Ferry (22/10/2022)
  • Hi all does anyone remember the registrar that was there around 1965 at maternity?

    By Angela Gibson (16/04/2019)
  • Thanks for the corroboration Pauline. I was born in that tin hut in 1953 which my brother and sister reminded me of every time we passed it in the car going up Sutton Road as children – revenge for my birth preventing my parents being able to afford a television to watch the coronation. I think they had to go to Ripley to watch my aunt and uncle’s 8 inch black and white instead.

    By Robert Throw (26/01/2015)
  • In 1977 I worked in the Occupational Therapy Department at the ‘Vic’ and recall being told it used to be a maternity ward. I think it was the building Robert has referred to in his comment.

    By Pauline Marples (03/03/2012)
  • The maternity ward before the 1957 improvements was housed in a long single storey tin hut at Victoria Hospital which lay diagonal to the Sutton Road.

    By Robert Throw (02/03/2012)

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