VICTORIA HOSPITAL (now Mansfield Community Hospital)

These photographs are copies from glass negatives loaned to me by a colleague who rescued them from a skip when Mansfield General was closed. (Why at Mansfield General; it was the Unit HQ before moving to Kings Mill Hospital)

I assume that the indoor images are in Maltby Hall, but no other information is known.


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  • In reply to Beverley, Frank Yates was my uncle as was Harold Yates who also worked at the Victoria hospital as catering officer and Clara Randall nee Yates, one of their sisters, also nursed there. In later years, my aunt Doreen Yates, another sister, worked in the main office. Needless to say I am the product of another former Yates girl Edna, married name Ambrose – Philip Ambrose and my wife Patricia and I attended your wedding! Sadly we attended your fathers funeral too and we have said goodbye to most of our families over the intervening years. But, we keep plodding along albeit in a foreign land since 2003, the U.S.A. Not recommended!

    By Philip Ambrose (04/02/2024)
  • In 1939 Register my Great Grandmother is listed as being at 105 Stockwell Gate. Although there is a mention of Poor Law staff, there is also mention of Hospital staff.

    Is there any way how to find out if she was in the poor house to the hospital? she died early in 1941.

    By sharon (30/08/2022)
  • My mother and father both worked at the Victoria Hospital … my dad was Mr Frank Yates a nursing officer and my mum was a ward sister Peggy Yates, Peggy Spencer before they married. I was born in 1964 and they met at work.
    I attended many Christmas parties at Maltby Hall in my childhood.
    I’d love to hear from anyone who knew them.

    By Beverley Kirk (nee Yates) (12/12/2021)
  • I used to work in the canteen at Victoria Hospital, Mansfield, in 1982.
    My mother and all of her siblings were actually in the same place when it was a workhouse, her parents were sent to prison and the children about 5-6 of them stayed here, her youngest brother, aged about 4, died here.
    I understand there are photos from the workhouse and would love to know if my mother and her siblings are in any of them, (her name is Ruth Mary Johnson, with siblings John, May, Brian, Ethel and Peter). My boss at the time said that they had pictures, but I never did see them.

    By Kendall Gail Joel (14/05/2020)
  • I was born in the Victoria Hospital, April 25,1957. 2 years later left for Canada.

    By Gail Odonnell (10/02/2020)
  • Amanda, If you mean Maltby near Rotherham, the answer is no. The Maltby Hall referred to in these photos was in the grounds of the former Victoria Hospital, Mansfield. I Suggest you try Maltby Community Library – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

    By Pauline Marples (12/07/2012)
  • I’m a bit confused, i’m trying to research Maltby Hall (Maltby) but finding it difficult. Are these pictures taken there?

    By amanda swindell (11/07/2012)
  • In 1953 I was at the training with the staff on the top photograph, but I am now 80 years old and the names I cannot remember. 

    By ROY DEER (30/01/2012)
  • Does anyone know the names of the people in the photos?

    By Alice Butler (24/03/2011)

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