Occupational Therapy Helpers

This is another photograph from Mansfield Museums Chad negative collection and it is a bit of a mystery. While I am on this photograph, (last person on the right of the back row) the occasion in my memory has faded with time!

I have a vague recollection of Occupational Therapy Helpers from various hospitals around the area doing some kind of craft course, and this was a final event demonstrating the work we had done. Occupational therapy at that time was still craft orientated as patients were in hospital for some time, unlike today when a hospital stay is very short and the main thing is to ensure people can cope at home after an illness.

I still have the puppet I made which can be seen on the back right in the photo.

I worked at Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital but this event in the photo may have been at Crow Hill Rehab Centre. Maybe someone else will recognise themselves on the photo and can tell us more.



CHAD T4622

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  • I`m just confirming that it`s me third from the right front row.Also Barbara Ward From Kings Mill.

    By Pat Revill (16/02/2015)

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