Kings Mill Hospital

The Dukeries at Kings Mill Hospital showing the delivery suite
From Kings Mill Hospital
Dukeries building showing Rufford and Thoresby wards
Kings Mill
R-L Bert Ashworth Administrator, Harold Baggaley, Baggaley Construction, the man and woman on the left are local dignitaries
Dukeries Voluntary services tea bar
Kings Mill, Pictures kindly supplied by Chas Hickling

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  • It is always interesting to read the history boards in the main corridor at Kings Mill . In these days when smoking is not allowed in the hospital or the grounds it was interesting to read on one board how a patient called Janet had learnt to smoke on Curie Ward. It seems the surgeon had told her to light up and have a good cough! In those days patients were allowed to smoke four times a day on the ward. How times have changed.

    By Pauline Marples (25/01/2019)
  • The plans for the Dukeries building began in the 1960s as the present unit was too small for the needs of the expanding area and more women were now chosing to have their babies in hospital. Construction started in 1970 and the unit opened 13th January 1974. The unit was later officially opened by Her Grace The Duchess of Devonshire.

    By Caz Harris (23/03/2011)

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