Mystery House

I don’t know if anyone will be able to help but a friend of mine has recently found an aunty she never knew she had. 

The aunty was given up for adoption many years ago and moved elsewhere. 

The twist in the story came when the aunty told my friend that she used to visit someone in Mansfield when she was small, only a few miles away from where her birth mother lived but had no idea of this at the time.

Because she was only small she can’t remember where the house was. She just has this picture of it and we think the headstone shows thenames of the people who lived there.

I have no idea if the place still exists but it would be lovely to be able to find it and piece together another part of her childhood.

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  • I believe Mr Throw is absolutely right on this one. The house does indeed still exist. The image on this page is the rear, looking towards the field of wind turbines today. The house has been extended to the ‘right’ side but in all other respects it is still recognisable today.

    By Darren Turner (19/03/2015)
  • I know that house. I drive past it everyday. Thank you all very much. Brilliant.

    By Alice Butler (19/03/2015)
  • I am not absolutely sure and I do not know if the house survived the new road scheme between Southwell Road West and Rainworth but it looks like the white house that was situated on the unmade Old Newark Road which joined the Southwell Road in open countryside on the right hand side going towards Rainworth. The house was very close to the junction of both roads and visible from Southwell Road.

    By Robert Throw (18/03/2015)
  • Do you know if any of these houses still exist?

    By Alice Butler (08/03/2015)
  • The style of building looks like the Land Settlement Houses on the way to Clowne! After the First World War they provided these smallholdings for ex soldiers etc. My Father came out the Army in 1927 and was offered a bungalow on Harlow Wood, a similar development, he turned it down, those properties are worth a mint.

    By Tom Shead (05/03/2015)
  • Lovely old picture.  I have come to the conclusion the picture is taken from the rear of the house.

    To the right of the back door is the coalhouse.

    The smaller window between the coalhouse and the rear back door is the toilet.

    The back door is the old type that is inset to protect from the weather.

    The building on the left is the scullery, probably leading from the living room.

    The gateway to the back right of the house is from a small unmade road.

    So in my opinion the front of the house/cottage is probably flat fronted with maybe a porch at the front door. Looking at the space it has, it could be anywhere really. Maybe,  a cottage at the front of an estate, or even a gamekeeper’s cottage.  The jury is still out.

    By alan curtis (02/03/2015)

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