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The Christian name DEDDYMIRE on this headstone in St Alban’s Churchyard, Forest Town is a bit of a mystery. When Joseph Richards died in 1929 his address in the burial register is 22nd First Avenue, Forest Town.

I surmise Deddymire moved from Forest Town sometime after her husbands death, possibly to Heanor Derbyshire as I have found in the 1939 Register a Deddymire Richards, widow as house keeper to a John Parkin, widower at Heanor, Derbyshire.

I cannot find the name Deddymire in any other records or web sites of Christian names, has anyone else come across it?

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  • Deddy Mire, birth name Deidamia,  was born in 1881 to John and Elizabeth Moore in Codnor, Derbyshire.  The name comes from Greek mythology, Deidamia was one of one of King Lycomede’s seven daughters.  She married Joseph Richards in 1905. 

    By Angela Bramwell (02/07/2016)

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