Poppy Display, Forest Town

During September and October 2018 people, young and old have joined in, knitting or crocheting poppies in wool and sewing poppies out of net and material.

Many people met in Forest Town Methodist Church and joined in tying the poppies on to the camouflage netting.

Bunting with the ‘We will remember them’ message was lovingly made.

The church garden was renovated and Cllr Martin Wright gave a donation towards the cost of everything.

Wednesday 10th October was a beautiful autumn day and  a group of helpers met to raise the poppy display onto the wooden cross in the  Forest Town Methodist Church garden. They received many compliments from passers by as they worked.

It has all been a joint venture by people from the church and members of the community.
Forest Town is proud to commemorate all those who lost their lives in the First World War.

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  • Well done to all for the beautiful display of poppies cascading down from the cross at the Methodist Church in Forest Town.
    I would like to add a poem that may be less well known than John McCrae’s ‘In Flanders Fields’, the first verse of which is shown on the cascade.
    The poem was a response to John McCrae’s poem written by Moina Michael. She vowed to always wear a red poppy as a symbol of remembrance and began the tradition of wearing red poppies in remembrance and honour of those who gave their lives for their country.

    We Shall Keep the Faith

    Oh! You who sleep in Flanders Fields,
    Sleep sweet – to rise anew!
    We caught the torch you threw
    And hold it high, we keep the Faith
    With All who died.

    We cherish, too, the Poppy Red
    That grows on fields where valour led;
    It seems to signal to the skies
    That blood of heroes never dies,
    But lends a lustre to the red
    Of the flower that blooms above the dead
    In Flanders Fields

    And now the Torch and Poppy Red
    We wear in honour of our dead.
    Fear not that ye have died for naught;
    We’ll teach the lesson that ye wrought
    In Flanders Fields.

    By Jenny Wright (16/10/2018)
  • When I drove past Forest Town Methodist Church this week and saw the poppy display on the cross I thought it was stunning. I feel very proud to have been part of this church/community initiative. What a wonderful reminder of what “we must never forget.”

    By Lynne Cooper (13/10/2018)

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