Queensway Park, Forest Town

This park at Forest Town was originally established as a children’s recreation ground  around 1930/31.  It became known as Queensway Park around 1955 and the facilities at that time were noted as having a pavilion, bowling green, football pitch and a children’s playground and play area.

Over the years the playground and equipment  has seen many changes mainly due to vandalism. Today 2020  a new group ‘Friends of Queensway Park’ has been established who would like to see improvements to the park  and pavilion to make it an enjoyable space for everyone to use. They are also interested to learn of peoples memories  of the park, the football field, bowling green and pavilion etc.  Please add them as comments to this page.

Pavilion and garden 1993
Play area 1997
Play area 1997
Play area 1997
Play area February 2020
Play area February 2020
Pavilion February 2020

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  • Fully agree with this! I grew up around Forest Town and now have two kids myself, but unfortunately no good parks around the area as they have all been disposed through vandalism!
    Bring back a good park with a fence around and have it locked up at night time like the olden days

    By Ricky (22/11/2020)
  • Thank you Pauline,
    Yes we are Friends of Queensway Park and hopefully we will be able to bring some life back into the park for the children. We hope the community of Forest Town will support us in establishing a good solid group to ensure the area is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

    By Michelle (16/02/2020)

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