The Boys Brigade

I have been loaned this wonderful picture of the Boys Brigade, taken in front of the Mansfield Empire. Does anyone know what the event was, and what date it was taken?

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  • I would like to date this photo more precisely, the Empire closed on 14th Jan 1961. The Boys are a mixture from three companies, 1st Mansfield (Bridge Street Methodist), 2nd Mansfield (Wood Street URC) and 5th Mansfield (St Barnabas Pleasley) Were you in this photo?
    Did this photo appear in the Chad? what date?
    I am acting as an archivist for the Mansfield and District Battalion and would be grateful for any additional photos or information. Was it a joint activity outing?
    I recognise ‘Skip’ Arthur Wallace, Capt of 1st Mansfield, based at Birding Street Mansfield.
    Any information please.

    By Graham Leaver (01/05/2022)

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