Landers Bakery

What occasion was this giant cake baked for?

Who are the Landers Bakers who produced such a massive cake?

My first thought was that this cake was for the Four Seasons shopping centre due to the road, cars (including the Landers delivery van), and car park, but 1965 is much too early for the opening of the Four Seasons.

Does the single candle signify an anniversary and what do the letters GEM stand for, these must be a clue?



The Bakers & Giant Cake
CHAD 13784-13 (1965)

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  • The gentleman on the left as you look at the photo his my Dad Frederick Roberts he worked there at Landers since he was Fourteen till Landers closedown he played cricket for Landers after being made redundant from Landers he went to work for Tesco‚Äôs bakery up to retiring at the age of 65 he continued baking cakes especially wedding cakes and Christmas cakes for family and friends up to four years ago at the age of 85

    By Jane Mousley (09/10/2018)
  • I came across this picture browsing. No one has mentioned the name of the baker on the left of the picture. I believe this is Trevor Steel. Trevor finished his working years as the store man at Mansfield General Hospital & finished at Kings Mill Hospital stores, before retiring.

    By Stuart Jackson (18/10/2015)
  • I believe that Charles Strutt (mentioned above) could be a distant relative of mine, I think he had 2 sons, 1 or both could have been in the navy.

    By Diana anderson (28/06/2013)
  • We would love to have a page or pages on Wainman’s Bakery, it seems you have so much of interest all our viewers/readers. it would be a good contribution to Mansfields history.

    By Pauline & all the Editors (10/10/2012)
  • The man on the end right was my father Peter Wainman. I have a few other pictures of this and other related Landers memorabilia. One is the newspaper clipping at the time. My grandfather, Peters dad, had a bakery called Gicroft (Wainmans Bakery) on Albert Street; where the Bingo Hall is now: again I have lots of documents, hand written recipe books, some confectionery medals circa 1910 onwards;, etc mainly from the 1920s and a few photos 1913-1950. I however have never seen a picture of the front of the bakery- so be interested to hear of one and see it. I must get my act together and create a page as lots of possible interesting posts to contribute. Cheers ANDREW

    By Andrew Wainman (09/10/2012)
  • I can remember that Steve….Best Wishes. Alan C.

    By alan curtis (05/05/2011)
  • The large cake that was produced at landers bakery is as A Curtis says. When the cake was due to be transported to West Bridgford, a wall had to have a hole made in it to extricate it with a special cradle made and then lifted out with a crane onto the veicle then transported to the supermarket. The cake weighed 1/4 ton.

    By Steve Pepper (27/04/2011)
  • In the 1960s. Bread retail prices were controlled by the government, no one was allowed at that time to cut the price of bread…Any increase in the price of bread was national news, and was only increased by 1/2d at any one time. A.C.

    By alancurtis (06/04/2011)
  • The Little Gem Supermarket opened it’s doors in West Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire, in 1964….It was taken over by Asda Supermarkets in 1966.

    By alan curtis (12/03/2011)
  • The person in the centre of the picture is Charles Strutt. He was the Bakery production manager. Very good manager whom I worked alongside in cases of emergences. The other person next to Charlie, (wearing a tie), was a management trainee. The other three persons were bakery operatives. The outside two people played cricket for the Landers Cricket Team.

    By alan curtis (24/02/2011)
  • I’m to young to remember the cake but GEM [Goverment Employees Mart] were an American company set up to assist the American goverment employees to purchase goods cheaper because they were not paid well at the time it spread to the UK and the West Bridgeford Branch became Asda sometime in the late 70″s

    By j.l.cairns (14/02/2011)
  • This very large cake was the idea of the then general manager of the bakery Ted Morris. It was baked in honour of the first anniversary of the very large supermarket in West Bridgeford, Nottingham called Little Gem. The cake was made to be a replica of the actual building of the supermarket, hence the cars and car park. The cake of course was cut up and given to customers. I am not sure that Percy Lander would have approved ?? I think he might have though !!

    By alan curtis (06/02/2011)

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