Mansfield Flood in a Pub!

Some ‘very wet’ pictures from the museums CHAD negative  collection. These are just indexed as ‘FLOOD’, does anyone know which public house it is? Do you recognise the people? Could the last two photographs be a clue?

Chad 27825 - 12
Chad 27825 - 13
Chad 27826 - 14
Chad 27826 - 15
Chad 27825 - 16
Chad 27829 - 32
Chad 27827 - 33

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  • The picture of the kids around the sign, Bridge Street was me Leslie Day on the left and Russell Paddon on the right we had been swimming down Bridge Street before this.

    By leslie day (08/08/2017)
  • Picture 27829-32 is definitely the Ram Inn opposite St Peter’s Church. if it is the same sequence of pictures, the one with the four boys on top of and in front of St Peter’s Churchyard wall shows that the whole of Bridge Street was flooded probably by the River Maun overflowing so some of the pub interiors might be of the Bridge Tavern but the same people are shown both inside and outside the Ram in some of the pictures – so possibly both pubs are featured. The water picture shows the River Maun. There was a grill like the one shown at the back of St Peter’s churchyard which is bounded by the Maun opposite Lime Tree Place.

    By Robert Throw (14/07/2015)
  • I would guess at this being the Bridge Inn. I worked at Emgas in Lime Tree Place and walked to the office from Stockwell Gate and well remember the floods in this pub. The Maun used to run under the road at this point and the grid, (in the photo) which was adjacent the Pub, was regularly blocked causing the flooding. Also whatever happened to the old Victorian Gents open air loo just up from the pub towards Lime Tree Place?

    By thesplodge (24/11/2014)
  • Picture 27829- 32 it looks like the Ram Inn, however I know the Bridge Tavern used to flood regularly.

    By Paul Robinson (23/11/2014)

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