Co-op Dairy

A local landmark disappears.

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  • Anyone got any pictures inside the dairy, ie the milk lorries unloading?

    By Alan Clark (24/03/2022)
  • I worked as a roundsman out of the depot at Pleasley and then from Langwith when it moved there.
    I remember that we used to work on Xmas mornings but we would try as much as possible to deliver double milk to certain parts of the round on Xmas Eve so that we could finish as early as possible on Xmas morning. Xmas Eve was usually a long day anyway as it was the day that we delivered the pre-ordered cream etc. that had been ordered for Xmas.

    By Michael Bray (04/11/2021)
  • Did the co-op build another dairy in Mansfield? or is the milk shipped in overnight.

    I would be interested to know .

    By Gary Noble (26/05/2015)
  • I don’t remember you Mike, I also covered part of Chesterfield road with my driver at the time Denis Baggaley who lived on Brownlow rd. We used to finish the on the street between the art college and the bus depot at the time.

    You will remember Alf Meadows and Derek Lacey though I bet?

    By Paul Robinson (24/05/2015)
  • I remember it well 4.30 starts are never forgotten, I worked as a milk roundsman on the Chesterfield Road run with my Mate Phil Davies, we had many happy times in the early seventies and loading the floats and getting out was a manic operation almost every man for himself, but great fun.

    By MIKE WILSON (21/03/2015)
  • I started my working life in1962 in the workshops at Westfield Transport next to the Co-op Dairy and being the youngest there I was often sent to the canteen at the Dairy for cigarettes and cakes for the older guys in the workshop. My abiding memory of my many trips to the dairy canteen was the amount of stairs you had to climb just to get a packet of fags or a cup of tea and a cake, do you remember climbing them?

    By P.Bowler (18/03/2015)
  • I worked at the co-op dairy when l first left school in 1971. The pictures I think show the loading bay where the milk came out of the refridgerators on pallets and the other side of the factory was where the empties were unloaded. Between was where the bottles were washed and then refilled ready for the next day. Alf Meadows was the foreman, Derek Lacey the chargehand and Mr Knight the manager. As l was only 15 l was not old enough to drive but often used to move the milk float for my driver during the round, l felt so grown up. Milk was usualy paid for by people putting out the empties with the plastic milk checks they purchased from the co-op stores, if they had been out all night in the winter they were a devil to get out the bottom of the inside of the bottle. You worked everyday getting up at 04.30 but it kept you fit running up and down streets and peoples drives as well as getting chased by dogs. There was always somewhere on the round that you called for a cup of tea, you would leave them a few pints as a thank you. Happy days as l remember.

    By Paul Robinson (08/06/2013)

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