More pictures of Landers circa 1954

These additional photographs were taken after the round deliveries,  and the return and checking  of trays and bread .  The drivers would then report to the office to cash in their takings for the day, and fill in their orders for the following day before paking up their vehicles……The photograph of the two salesmen out on the town are, Frank Townroe and Harry Riley, both were Landers salesmen and the picture taken circa 1948.

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  • Great comments Alan I think one comment was “Landers Bread Oven Fresh” .How times have change memories I’m afraid long gone .

    By Former Woodus lad (22/01/2016)
  • “Landers bread tastes like lead, if you eat it, you’ll drop dead” so the rhyme went… My uncle had a bread round with Landers. All the vans had the name of the roundsman on the back. I used to help him on his round on Saturday mornings. Starting from the bakery around Yorke Street, then working up Old Mill Lane, then across to Ravensdale. We stopped at my Grans for breakfast before heading up to Carter Lane, Hall Street, Smith Street and Maltby Road. After lunch we went around the estate near Sherwood Hall school, then finished going down all the avenues in Forest Town. All for a couple of quid!!

    By Alan Taylor (26/03/2013)
  • Photograph 2. Shows the old 5 loading bays on the left at the top of Oxford street. This was as far as Oxford Street went, long before the new loading sheds and Silos were built as shown on another photograph. If my memory serves me right, on the right hand side, at the bottom of the side street was a Builders Yard. Next to it, I believe was a Paint Shop Yard. Then a house, then the Allotments that stretched back up as far as the railway lines and embankment. A van wash was built on the top right of the street at a later date. At this time, the two confectionery windows were still in use, as shown on the photograph of Jack Pearson stood by his old van.

    By alan curtis (26/09/2011)

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