Co-op Laundry

Did you work there? Are you on the photographs.

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  • The CO-OP laundry was on Milton Street, Mansfield. It extended about half way down the left hand side of  Milton Street as you walked away from the junction of Milton Street and Byron Street towards Ladybrook Lane.

    I lived with my parents and brother on Layton Avenue, close to the junction of Milton Street and Byron Street untill 1952. The laundry manager lived directly opposite our house.

    At 8.00am every morning, 5 days a week, a steam operated siren would sound the begining of the working shift, and then at lunch time would sound the start and finish of the lunch break, and at 5.00pm it would sound the end of the day’s work, and as soon as it sounded for work to finish, crowds of women employees would pour out of the building walking down Byron Street towards Rosemary Street and Wood Street, joining the workers from Faire Brothers, boot and shoe makers on Burns Street.

    We never needed alarm clocks when we lived there as the siren was audible over a great distance.

    Terry Barrows 2/12/2015

    By Terry Barrows (02/12/2015)

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