Mansfield GPO Telephonists Cabaret 1963

Another fantastic photograph from the Chad.  Some of these ladies don’t look very happy. Does anyone know whether the General Post Office telephonists put on a cabaret every year or was this just a one off?

Mansfield GPO telephonists cabaret 1963
Mansfield Chad

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  • Hello,

    Did anyone know my mum Kathleen Cullen (Singleton) who worked at the Exchange for 15 years and left around 64/65. She has fond memories of the place.


    By Emma Bush (03/03/2015)
  • Further comment from my dad, he seems to think it was West End Ballroom. Both my parents use to dance with Thorpe and Hancock dancing school.

    By Andy Bailey (04/09/2013)
  • The first on the left is my mum Jose Bailey, nee Kerry

    By Andy Bailey (30/08/2013)
  • I think the girl fourth from the left is Pauline Wetherbed.

    By John Walker (28/06/2013)
  • I am sure the first from the Left is Josie Bailey nee Kerry.

    By Val (10/03/2013)
  • The girl third from the left is Sheila Flowers and the one on the right is Shirley Ward nee Dove.

    By Anne (23/11/2012)
  • The girl second from the left is my friend Sheila the staff used to have a ‘do’ at the Masonic Hall and the telephonists did a turn every year. She remembers that year they were dancing the Madison

    By Yvonne (14/08/2012)
  • The young lady second from the right is Miss Brenda Worrel.

    By Alan Curtis (25/01/2012)

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