Warsop Gala 1980

Who were the entertainers?

Which Jazz Band is shown?

Were you there?

Can you name anyone?

What was it like?


CHAD K8620-04
CHAD K8620-10
CHAD K8619-13
CHAD K8620-09
CHAD K8620-15
CHAD K8620-16
CHAD K8620-22
CHAD K8620-17
CHAD K8620-18
CHAD K8619-17
CHAD K8620-33
CHAD K8620-32
CHAD K8620-35
CHAD K8620-37

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  • Your correct with the Church Warsop Alley Cats, however the jazz band shown is the earlier band The Warsop Marketeers.

    By Chris Mellors (15/11/2013)
  • The local jazz band in Warsop at that time were the “Alley Cats” as far as I remember.

    By John. (10/03/2013)

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