Mystery Bridge

Two photo’s from the late Derek Johnson of Forest Town collection. Derek took many photos around the area, these two are not dated or named, maybe someone can say where they were taken.

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  • The two bridges illustrated I remember well as I passed them many times on my way to New Building Farm were my grandparents lived. Both crossed the flood dyke, the first one was actually the second bridge along the dyke leading to Packmans Wood, Smalldale, (now filled with landfill just beyond). The second bridge is actually the first bridge along the flood dyke, this one is from Warren Farm to land across the dyke up to Peafield Lane. The third bridge led to New Building Farm, where the flood dyke left the road and meandered through the fields to The Lambing Pens Farm, at the third bridge the road turned right down the hill to run along side the River Maun.

    By Ian Carlisle (04/02/2022)
  • I can remember the stone bridge over the flood Dyke but farther down from the crossroad bridge, it was used to transfer sheep from the smalldale to the fields down to the River Maun. I can remember walking through it when I was a child it was scary because water leaked into it from the dyke .There was another stone bridge further on to a bridleway over the bridge to the left went to new buildings farm to the right went down to the River Maun .

    By Dave Gregory (08/10/2018)
  • I was told by a mate (in the mid 60’s and knows that area pretty well himself) that it looked like the old Sookholme bridge as silt had built up and the new bridge is a little further down the road. As work had begun on the new bridge, the river/stream had been diverted as well. Whether or not this to be true, I don’t know as I cannot back it up as yet.

    By Pete Bennett (20/08/2013)
  • Correction!!! On looking at the top photo AGAIN I think it is the bridge over the flood dykes. To the rear of the bridge is a copse of Chestnut trees leading to Smalldale, a natural depression about 50ft below the level of the flood dykes. Smalldale was a landfill site in the 70s. The dyke does not appear to have any water in so I would put the date of the photo about late 60s The bridge was at the crossroads, on the flood dykes, turn left for Green Lane, right for Spa Ponds coming from Woodhouse. The bottom photo is the bridge over the Maun.

    By Tom Shead (30/04/2013)
  • Top photo! looks like the old packmans bridge over the River Maun to Spa Ponds,[Garabaldi] At the top of the hill is the location of Beeston Lodge, Prince John’s hunting Lodge, a wall from the ruins is still there, the stone I believe was used in the construction of the Flood Dykes.

    By Tom Shead (28/04/2013)

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