Forest Town Cross Roads

Two photos taken at Forest Town Cross Roads circa 1947 when there was not the need for traffic lights and the hustle and bustle of traffic we have today. While some of our bus enthusiasts might recognise the company it belonged to, does anyone recall the hut? Was it part of the Forest Town Hostel camp site?

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  • The only single decker public service bus on this route was run by East Midland.

    The photo of the hut on the corner of Pump Hollow Road shows a pair of doors, but in front of the hut is a telegraph pole making it difficult to extract a vehicle.If you refer to the booklet ‘The Forest Town Hostel’ page 47 shows a plan of the hostel and in the top right corner the hut, with letters inside the hut area.

    As an aside to the main question, if you look at the ground to the right of the hut you can discern the remains of a concrete stand.This was approx. 6 feet in diameter and in the centre was a stainless steel spindle and to one side of the concrete was a small trench. I was led to believe that the purpose of the concrete was as a support for a weapon, whether this was true or not older members of the community may be able to  verify its purpose.

    By Michael Parkin (01/09/2016)
  • East Midland

    By John Allcock (30/08/2016)

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