Sherwood Hall Cottages

These cottages once stood next to the Ravensdale Public House, across from the then Sherwood Hall School grounds. They were demolished sometime after December 1996 when the bottom boarded up photo was taken. I recall they were derelict for quite some time and were eventually taken down and a road (Allwood Close) with nice bungalows were built on the land.

Does anyone recall who were the last occupant of these cottages, or who lived there at any time?

Discovering this is all part of the Abbey School & Forest Town Heritage Group Project called ‘Looking Forwards, by Looking back.’ If you can help with the mystery tenants please add a comment below or email

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  • In 1861 my 35 year old Great Great Grandfather, George Ullyatt, along with my 32 year Great Great Grandmother, Sarah Ullyatt, and their 8 year old son James lived there.

    By Mr Anthony J Blackwell (02/01/2022)
  • My grandfather lived there as a child. His dad ran Crown Farm. Rhodes family 

    By ricci divito (18/01/2018)
  • I was born at Tissington in Derbyshire in 1945 and at the end of the war in 1945 my family moved to Mansfield. For about three years we lived in Sherwood hall cottages in what was in those days called rented rooms. The owners were Mr & Mrs Bentley and we lived there for about three years. I remember that they owned a car which was unusual in the 1940s . They took us on several outings, I remember one was to Skegness and that was a long way in those days. We moved to ladybrook in 1948 and unfortunatley don,t know any history after that. 

    By Alan Bridges (04/11/2016)

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