Sherwood Centre, Forest Town

At a special event on Friday 23rd January at the Sherwood Centre, Stuart Avenue, Forest Town members of the Centre enjoyed a tea  provided by volunteers from the Forest Town Community Cafe, (based at Forest Town Methodist Church).

Among the members present were:- June Grice, Edna Pool, Reg Clarke, Doris Pollard, Joyce Fields, Edna Alcock, Ceilia Daniels, Grace Dring, Geoff Piggin, Agnes Cooper, Joan Chilvers, Lorna Newton, Dorothy Barker, Grace Joans, Ernest & Joan Lloyd, Vera Walker, Laura Rowell, Vera Morris, Maureen Giles. Douglas & Iris Harwood.

The tea was followed by entertainment, which included monologues, such as ‘Albert and the Lion’  by Rev. Bob Jones.   Charlotte Folkes sang songs from the musicals – some of which everyone were soon singing along to. In a different mode Colin House sang ‘ I know an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly,’ and Christine Cawthorne had everyone guessing with a ‘who said that’ quiz. The final entertainment event of the evening was Nick Harding and his sons playing a musical ensemble on trumpets and trombone.

A vote of thanks was given to the Forest Town Cafe ladies and the entertainers “for a wonderful evening” by Chairman Geoff Piggin.

Before they departed for home members of the centre couldn’t resist a couple of games of Bingo!


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  • Member ‘Edna Alcock’ is actually Enid Alcock (nee Wyld) and is pouring tea in the top right hand picture.

    By Chris Alcock (09/03/2013)
  • A wonderful evening and a great opportunity for the Community Cafe to serve the community, it main reason for being in existance.

    By Bob Jones (31/01/2010)

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