'Men of Harlow Wood'

Pantomimes often have special songs with catchy tunes and this one which is representative of the the staff and work of Harlow Wood Orthopeadic Hospital was sung to the tune: Men of Harlech.

It was written by Graham Holloway, Terry Allen, Nigel Clay and Fran Freeman for the 1979 Pantomime Peter Pan.


All the staff here work together,
Through all kinds of stormy weather,
Day and night, for now and ever
Men of Harlow Wood.
Patients we have plenty,
Beds are never empty,
Fill them all, we fill them all,
And 10 men do the work of nearly 20!
Nurses, cleaners, porters, cooks,
Physios and typists with good looks,
Administrators fix the books! —
Men of Harlow Wood.

Now the porters push their trolleys
whilst the nurses dance the follies,
Doctors busy setting Colles,
Down at Harlow Wood.
Night staff they are keeping
Watch while we are sleeping,
If they need us, we’ll come quick
At any moment that we hear them bleeping.
X—ray, gardeners, 0.T. too
Without you what would we do,
Consultants —   we need even you!
Here at Harlow Wood.

Don’t forget about the nurses,
Working hard with empty purses,
Immune to the patients’ curses
Here in Harlow Wood.
Switchboard’s always busy,
Doctors in a tizzy,
Running round in tiny circles
Everybody else is going dizzy,
Workshop’s frantic making braces,
Joiners fixing broken places,
Boiler men with grimy faces,
Here at Harlow Wood.


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  • Hi, my Grandad Joe Needham was a porter & loved working at Harlow Wood. Bless him, he died over fifty years ago, but lived into his nineties. He often had a ride home when the Duchess of Portland came to visit. What wonderful memories. Thank you-Sheryl

    By Sheryl Powell (06/09/2023)
  • Anyone, anywhere, got a photograph of Mr Jackson, the Orthopaedic surgeon at Harlow Wood in the 1950 1960 era, who did spinal bone transplants on many younger people, of whom I was one?
    He is my hero, and though I am now three quarters of a century old I would never have made it past 20 if not for him.

    By Janet Lockwood (24/04/2020)

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