Art Jacobs

Art Jacobs – Bass Player with Jimmy Crawford and the Ravens

Real name Arthur Hutchinson born in Sheffield

At 15 Arthur was inspired by skiffle and rock music after listening to Lonnie Donegan and Bill Haley. During this time he was so desperate to have a guitar that he sold various household items from the family home and purchased his first guitar from a pawn shop in Attercliffe. Many words were exchanged when his parents returned from their holiday to find sentimental items missing.

He started his first skiffle group at 15½ called ‘The Martinique’s’, and then came ‘The Debonaires’ with friends Ozzie, Charlie and Bob in 1958.

In 1959 he was invited to join Ron Lyndsay and The Coasters as bass player, knowing that Frank White had already joined the band he jumped at the chance. With his famous bass and vox amplifier he became Art Jacobs.

The 2i’s Coffee Bar, Soho

The group quickly gained popularity and had a large following a large following of fans. They did a guest gig at the Mansfield Palais which led to being booked every week on Wednesdays and Sundays. They occasionally went for coffee with Alvin to his Mum’s house. During this period the group travelled to appear in the 2i’s Coffee Bar in Soho accompanied by a large bus load of fans from Mansfield which filled the tiny venue to capacity. Whilst at the club the group were seen by record companies and record deals and tours soon followed. The group also changed its name to Jimmy Crawford and the Ravens, The group then recorded their hit ‘Ghoul Friend’ which became the main theme music for the Dirk Bogarde film ‘Victim’

The Early Sixties

In 1960 Art purchased his famous Red Fender Jazz Bass from Jennings Music Shop in London . This was the first of its type in the UK . Art recalls a meeting with Jet Harris (The Shadows) during a dinner party at the Lotus House in London when Jet expressed how angry he was that this rare guitar ha d b een purchase d b y Art and not himself.

The group returned to Sheffield in 1960 and in the March of that year Art fell in love with his future wife Marion at Mansfield Palais. Marion then went with Art every weekend to see him perform in different venues throughout the UK , along with an ever growing fan base. The group’s favourite places to perform were the Glidodrome, Boston and the Monsell Head in Derbyshire.

In 1961 along came a Stick Bass purchased by Art from Italy . At this time Art was friends with Joe Cocker and tutored his bassist, eventually selling him the Italian Stick Bass.

The Ravens were the backing group for many celebrities in the sixties including Emile Ford, Gene Vincent and Eden Kane. Also touring with Tony Orlando, Bobby Vee, Suzy Cope and Dusty Springfield. This was a very busy but enjoyable time for the group.

In 1961 Art left the Ravens.

After the Ravens

Art began doing gigs and session work for various groups and in 1962 he joined a Sheffield show group called the Whirlwinds. The group were extremely popular on the club circuit featuring the comedian Bobby Nutt and the singers Eddie Falcon and Georgia.  The group also worked on television and radio.

Married Life

In 1963 Art and Marion were married and moved from Sheffield to Ollerton. They had four children and now have four grandchildren. They have been married for nearly 47 years.

Art spent 26 years working for Mansfield Sand and has spent the past 16 years running a kitchen fitting company. He is still a fan of music, particularly Rock ‘n’ Roll and Blues, but unfortunately he isn’t an active musician nowadays.

“…there are loads of special memories and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and I often wonder what happened to my fabulous Red Fender Jazz Bass and wish I still had it…”

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  • I met Ron Lindsay, (Jimmy Crawford,) at the Lacarno in Sheffield in 1960. I started a fan club for him and the Ravens

    By Mrs D McGhee (11/10/2020)
  • Eddie Falcon still lives in C

    hesterfield and still sings at his local social club, yes he did sing with the Whirlwinds and Georgia around the Sheffield clubs in the 60s

    By jean alley (03/03/2017)
  • To Ann Ellis.I haven’t seen Eddie Falcon for over 50 years.He was a singer in The Whirlwinds whist I was on bass.


    By Art Jacobs /Arthur Hutchinson (14/08/2016)
  • Wow! Great to have a little news from *back in the day.* I and my friend Christine Hedley knew Jimmy and the Ravens very well! Jimmy used to ring my mum at work and ask if I could go to their gigs, and he used to pick me up in his pink Oldsmobile from home at Greenhill and keep a close eye on me all evening, then deposit me safely home at the end of the evening! Didn’t have a clue Eddie Falcon gigged there too, I also know him very well, was speaking to him the other day! Ill ask him about all this when I see him again, he moved into my aunties bungalow after she passed away! Small world eh? Saw Dave Berry, another friend, in a show at Winding Wheel in Chesterfield a few years ago, with Tommy Bruce, Ricky Balance and a couple of others! He even brought tickets to my house! 

    By Ann Ellis nee Rutherford! (31/01/2016)
  • Hi Steve Wilson, I saw your Dad, Chic Wilson 51 years ago to the day exactly (I think) at Doncaster Gaumont.It was opening night of the Ravens tour with Jimmy Crawford and Bobby Vee, Springfields, Tony Orlando etc.It was 1962, I was 14 and was there with Chic’s mum and aunty, we went on the bus from Worksop.I lived next door to aunty Rosie and Chic (or Gerald as I knew him hahd been my mum’s butcher boy at the co-op, complete with Granville style push bike) It was a fantastic show by the way.Thanks for the memories Chic.Best Regards

    By Dave Garner (09/02/2013)
  • I was the one standing on Arthurs left in The Whirlwinds picture. He was a truly brilliant bass player. We had a Whirlwinds reunion a couple of years ago and Arthur and Marion came along. Just like old times. Neil

    By neilbridges (22/11/2010)
  • Hi Dave Thanks for the feedback regarding my old jazz bass, it has made me curious as to its whereabouts.I am now going to;hopefully with your help, track it down. Would you please,if possible phone me on my mobile (number withheld)

    By Arthur Hutchinson (09/03/2010)
  • Hi Steve Thanks for your comments I would love to get in touch but unfortunately I have no PC. We can then meet and exchange happenings over the last 40 years, hope Chics well, see you sooner than later, Art.

    By Arthur Hutchinson (07/03/2010)
  • Hi Art, I am Dave Fawcett, the guy you sold the Jazz Bass to. At the time I played with the Vampires who became The Sheffields who were managed by Pete Stringfellow and recorded for Tony Hatch at Pye Records. I had the Jazz for about 3 years and had changed over to Epiphone so I agreed to sell the Jazz, conditionally I thought, to a friend of mine, Jerry Scanlon who still gigs in the Sheffield area. About 4 years ago I asked him about the bass and he told me that he had traded it in at the music shop on City Road in the mid 80’s. I still remember the odd shaped case with the extension for the machine head. Feel free to get in touch. Dave Fawcett

    By Dave Fawcett (06/03/2010)
  • Hi Art. I am Steve Wilson Chic Wilsons son. My father talks very fondly of you and i really enjoyed looking at your photos of the band. I have told dad about them and he was thrilled to see the recent photo of you. It would be great if you can get in touch. Regards Steve

    By steve Wilson (06/02/2010)

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