Salvation Army - Mansfield

Many people will recall enjoying the music of these bands.

1 -1936
Private Collection
2 -1937
Private Collection
3 -1940
Private Collection
4 -1942
Private Collection
5 -1944
Private Collection
6 - Not dated
Private Collection
7 - Not dated
Private Collection
8 - Not dated
Private Collection
9 - Not dated
Private Collection
10 - Not dated
Private Collection
11 - Not dated
Private Collection

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  • My great grandad -Arthur Wright
    Reginald his son is still involved with the Salvation Army, in fact his wife Joyce’s funeral was held there last week.
    Arthur’s daughter Annette is my grandmother.

    By Jen Clapham (20/03/2020)
  • You are correct Roy re my Grandad Harry in the 1937 photo.

    He is also in the 1942 photo on tenor horn. He died later that year.

    By Michael Jepson (26/04/2018)
  • Hello Michael, you’ve got me wondering  which one is your Grandad.  Is it the third person from the left playing trombone on the outside photograph dated 1937.?  Many of the faces are familiar and at one time named by my father, but we didn’t make a note of them.  If I’m wrong in my assumption, let me know which photograph he’s on and what instrument he played to narrow it down.

    R. Blythe   

    By Roy Blythe (25/02/2016)
  • Great memories of my Dad & Grandad & many others here & no longer with us. Thanks Roy.

    By Michael Jepson (24/02/2016)
  • Having seen some of the above images I recognise and recall some of the S.A members which all joined the South Notts Hussars Band when I became a member in 1960. The members I remember of the band were Arthur Gay, Arthur Wright, Walter Hepple, Eric Shakespeare and Jabe Gay. I also remember them speaking highly of Tom Attiwell who was their bandmaster at the Mansfield S.A, and that what a fine cornet player he was. I was fortunate as a very junior cornet player at that time to receive such experience from the members of the S.A. and also managed to obtain an S.A. cornet tutor book which featured many of the cornet solo’s which Tom played and also recorded with Mansfield S.A. It would be nice to hear from others with similar memories

    By Chris Mellows (16/03/2014)
  • I have just happened upon the above photos and am so pleased to have seen them. My uncle was Tom Attiwell Bandmaster, and I have also seen pictured my cousin Roger Attiwell, now promoted to glory.

    By HJD Mills (18/01/2014)

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