Salvation Army Band


Visit by the Salvation Army Band of Mansfield to Barton on Humber 1950

Back row left to right:

Gled Wood, Jos Barden, Jack Jepson, Barry Parker, Albert Parker (1), Albert Parker (2)

2nd row:

Arthur Gay, ?, Bill Bartram, Jabe Gay, Ned Cook, Eric Shakespeare, Brian Taylor,

Norman Gunn, ? Raper, Arthur Wright, Tom Truscott, Bram Birch, Norman Bills,

Len King, Reg Wright, Arnold Baggaley, Raymond Parkes, Bill Evans, Stan Knowles


Tim Betts, Sam Blythe, Roy Blythe, Jim Taylor, ?, Major Ewing, Bill Storey


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  • Is Walter Hepple still here? He was the best music teacher. He was friends of my dad my uncle Dave Chamberlain. He helped me so much with clarinet. I’m 66 now but at school I loved him. He was the best

    By Helen Hill (03/01/2023)
  • Remember that weekend well. I went along & joined the band later that year. My Dad was bandmaster & we billeted with a family who worked as steeplejacks. The son had a Morgan sports car which he took us around in. Loved those cars ever since. Remember I spent most of the time with Walt Hepple’s then girl friend Nancy. Lovely young lady. 

    By Michael Jepson (25/02/2016)
  • Hello Angela !  If your great uncle lived on Bradder Street, and his mother was Vera Parkes, then I knew Ray very well, he would have been born sometime in the 30’s. He was a tough, not so little “Blighter” , who in spite of his disadvantages, mixed and shared along with all the other street lads. If he was your uncle Angela, you should be very proud.

    By alan curtis (18/11/2014)
  • My great uncle is Raymond Parkes he was my grandad Dennis Parkes brother. Raymond died of Leukaemia  just a few years after this,  I was told he had the singing voice of an angel so tragic he died so young. Does anyone remember him or the Parkes family?

    By Angela Ball (15/11/2014)
  • Many thanks to both Chris and Stephen for responding. Please do give Walt my very best wishes.  I do remember Chris and many other of the “Mansfield” friends of Arthur Gay. Best wishes to all who are still with us…

    By David Wood (11/04/2014)
  • Hi, I am Steve Hepple, brother of Walt, if you would like to add a comment for him I will let him know, also ‘hello’ to Chris.T

    By Stephen Hepple (22/03/2014)
  • Hi David so many years since I was in the SNH Band under Walter Hepple, I have tracked him down living in Scarborough and have arranged to visit him shortly. Would like to hear from you again if you can remember me as a very junior bandsman when I was a member in the 60’s.

    By Chris Mellows (12/03/2014)
  • Pretty sure that 2nd Row first is Arthur Gay. Played with same band as Arthur (South Notts Hussars) for several years when he was principal cornet there. Gather he has passed on but if anyone knows of his family would welcome news (also of Walt Hepple – if any know of him).

    By david wood (02/12/2013)

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