Festival of Queens

Does anyone have knowledge of this event and which churches were involved?

Can you recognise and name anyone?

Were you there if so what are your recollections of the events?


Further years will be added if more negatives come to light.


Sept 1973
CHAD B+4972-26
Nov 1974
CHAD C+6302-26
Nov 1975
CHAD D4983-29
Nov 1975
CHAD D4983-30
Oct 1976
CHAD E+3696-06
Oct 1977
CHAD G3707-08
Nov 1978
CHAD H+3377-15
Nov 1979
CHAD J6434-17
Nov 1979
CHAD J6434-19
Nov 1980
CHAD K4826-22

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  • I remember this event at Darlington Street Methodist Church in Wolverhampton. As others have said, I loved selling the Sunny Smiles. I was a Queen one of the years during the 1950s. It was always Harry Corbett and Sooty for us too 😊. Happy days!

    By Mary Price (01/04/2021)
  • Lovely to see these photos, my daughter is on the 1980 picture, back row with the black curly hair, she represented Nottingham Road Methodist Church opposite the cattle market (Nottingham Road). I watched my other daughter crowned queen in later years also, my husband and l were the caretakers at the church for a few years also. Happy memories of simpler years gone by.

    By KATHLEEN SHAW (08/03/2021)
  • I loved selling those little sunny smiles booklets. I was lucky enough to be one of the sunny smiles queens for the day. I am on the 1980 photograph on the front row. I can remember my mum making my dress for the event. I have zoomed in on the photograph and seen my dad too, god bless him, he passed away when I was 22.
    I would love a copy of that photo of 1980.

    By Terisa Lee (03/02/2021)
  • I was an attendant for our Festival of Queens in February 1965 at York. My Mum altered my white nylon party dress for the occasion. It was through my Sunday School at the Methodist Church at Fulford. I remember those little booklets of Sunny Smiles. I loved selling the pictures. Sooty was our entertainment too so he must have done the rounds.

    Editors comment – while this is not Mansfield related we decided to add the comment as it it tells us more about these events and widens the picture.

    By Lyn (06/09/2020)
  • I am afraid I cannot supply any names to the above photographs but I do know a little about similar events which were held in the Chesterfield area. Each year the churches sold ‘Sunny Smiles’ to raise money for ‘The National Children’s Homes’. They were small booklets containing photographs of children’s smiling faces. You made a donation and the picture was given to you. I was a Sunday school queen in 1960s and there was an annual event when each church’s queen handed the money over. Entertainment was usually provided. It was Harry Corbett with ‘Sooty’ when it was my turn.

    By Pat Blackwell (03/05/2011)

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