St Peter's Church Mansfield

These pages were amongst notes and information left by Winifred Baggaley a lady who was very involved with St Peters Church.

Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery

They are believed to be from a St Peters Church Magazine in 1949. Page 3 refers to Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein being presented with a Canon Pryers History of the Church on July 13th 1949.

It was obviously a very exciting and well-attended event with many special guests, not to mention Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery being a very important star attraction.

Film & Photographs

Page 2 mentions ‘The ceremony was filmed and photographed by the press and amateurs from every direction’ – Has the film survived? – Or any of the amateurs photographs?

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  • I was in St Peter’s choir with Miss (Peggy) Robinson who sang contralto alongside Miss (Dorothy) Weddle, headmistress of High Oakham School. Miss Robinson was I believe headmistress of the primary school on Newgate Lane. Also in the choir was Henry Benjamin Priestley who sang alto and sometimes bass and was the headmaster of Brunts Grammar School.

    By Robert Throw (04/11/2015)
  • I think the John Robinson mentioned in connection with bell ringing at St. Peters was the last tailor at John Robinsons in Mansfield town centre . He was  cousin of my mother , Sylvia Robinson  , her brother Frank  and sisters Eileen , Peggy and Ethel . Peggy was a member of the church choir for a great many years .

    By martin robinson (01/06/2015)
  • The first and second pictures show Canon Pryer and the Field Marshall leaving the  rear door of the Parochial Hall and going into the garden at the back of the Hall which was on Brunts Street. The verger of St Peter’s church and his family lived in a house at the back of the hall.

    By Robert Throw (27/05/2014)

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