Nativity Plays on the Childrens Ward 1964

A comment from a former member of staff at Harlow Wood is the ideal caption to go with these photographs –

 ”During my happy time there we had Nativity Plays with many of the children lying in their beds dressed up as different characters.”

Three Kings 1964
CHAD 9383
Angels and Shepherds 1964
CHAD 9377
Posing for the camera - 1964
CHAD 9379
Joseph & Mary - 1964
CHAD 9381
Organising the Shepherds
CHAD 9382

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  • Did not know these photos were taken but think that the guy in the wheelchair in the first picture is me, I was in Harlow Wood twice, 1st in 1959-1960 and again in 1963-1964 having perthis decease.

    By Robert Kirkland (23/02/2012)

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