Three Anglican Churches in Mansfield

St Peter's Church
PC Collection - Dainty Series
St Mark's Church
PC Collection
ST John's Church
PC Collection- Boots Cash Chemists Pelham Series


In the early 1900’s one of the main forms of communication was by sending picture postcards with a postage stamp on. Many have survived giving us a glimpse into the past. No one then envisaged that one hundred years later technology would have moved on to such an extent that information and pictures could be sent at the flick of a button. Look at the contrast between the three examples below.


Then  Posted at 4pm on July 26th 1904 this postcard was sent to Buxton. The sender was not to know that over 100years later the card would once again be back in Mansfield.

Now  The Web Site has interesting sections on the heritage of the church, and colourful photographs.


Then This postcard was not used, but the dress of the two little girls in the foreground may give an indication of the date. The card is one of the Boots Cash Chemists ‘Pelham’ Series

Now Discover more about the the work and vision of this church on


Then  The church as seen on a postcard sent in 1915 from a lady staying in Mansfield to her uncle in Barnsley. She did not comment on the church but said the weather was lovely but cold.

Now  Take an interesting visual tour round this church in 2009 by logging on to

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  • Very good pictures of Churches in Mansfield , St Peters had Canon Warburton as the priest for quiet a few years many certainly would remember him

    , and can anyone remember Rev De Costa at St Marks in the ’80s one who had a good voice in singing even without the organ playing.

    By Former Woodus Lad (24/05/2015)
  • Great to see a picture of St John’s on here.

    By Mark Adams (01/04/2014)

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