Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital

Back Row from left to right

Hilda Wolfe, ? Ivy Cresswell, Elaine Overton Tunnicliffe, ? Avis Smith? Geoffrey Baker, Betty Faraday.

Front Row from left to right

? Joyce Cutts? ? Sister Iris Pennington, Derek Scott, ? Yvonne Stone.

CHAD T8252

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  • I worked on Ward 3, from 1989 till it closed, for Sister Baker. My time there was the happiest of all my working days. It was made even happier by the people I worked with. Sister Baker was wonderful, and I admire her still. The ward was run on precision and happiness. I Loved it and it was a big big loss when it closed. xx

    By Shirley Telford (04/03/2022)
  • Mr Baker, father of my friend, Alison, operated on my leg in 1982, after a serious RTA where my left tibia and fibula had been smashed at bumper height, and then my leg put in plaster for 5 months whilst I had neurosurgery in Leeds.
    I then returned to Chesterfield to have my surgery at the Old Royal. He had to ‘break’ the bones as they had set once more. The 3 longest pieces were chosen and then set together in a ‘Wagner’ and plaster of Paris, which was removed the day before Christmas Eve 1982. I had a specially designed plastic removable support (probably one of the first).
    The surgery has lasted until the present; only new knees are required now to cope with the arthritis, so I think its a big Thank You to Mr Baker even though I didn’t get to Harlow Wood. I recuperated at home, Dad was a GP and Mum a qualified Nurse.
    So Thanks again Mr Baker, the leg is still standing xxxx

    By Philippa Lowe nee Smith (26/07/2020)
  • I remember this well. I am the nurse next to Elaine Tunnicliffe and was known as Georgina Brown, nee Drinkwater.
    Working at Harlow Wood was the happiest time of my work life

    By Georgina French (01/05/2020)

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